t-shirt + jeans

A Pretty Penny | tshirt + jeans

LOFT curvy ankle zip skinnies
Tahari t-shirt (via Marshalls)
Isola Adette sandals (via Hautelook)
Big Buddha wristlet

Sometimes I wonder if I should bother posting photos of my outfits anymore, because they’re basic.

Like, Lauren Conrad in Allure basic. Which by the way, why they hatin’? I love LC’s easy feminine style and if it’s wrong I don’t wanna be right; as I tap out this blog post with a ballet slippers manicure {cough}.

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  1. 8.25.14
    milacurly said:

    Really nice Outfit!

  2. 8.19.14

    That outfit looks wonderful on you. Basic is always the best!

  3. 8.7.14

    The basic White tee and Blue Jeans look with tan accessories works really well !
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  4. 8.6.14

    i have loved your blog for awhile now. i even bought a bag when you had the consignment part of it! basic is great to me. i’m basic and my accounts can handle basic. i have and continue to enjoy your blog, basic or not.

  5. 8.6.14
    cfsmis04 said:

    Keep posting!!! Everyone needs ideas and reminders about how to play with basics.

  6. 8.4.14

    I love your style! This outfit is amazing :)

  7. 8.3.14
    Carolina E. said:

    You are doing a great job. I enjoy just seeing your outfits, as well everything thing you post is good!!

  8. 8.3.14
    vestitini said:


  9. 8.1.14
    sirwin17 said:

    You look so classic though! Keep up with posts like this <3


  10. 8.1.14

    So cute and casual!

  11. 8.1.14
    heyitskb said:

    I think it looks basically chic! ;) Love the wrist-let and studded sandals. so cute. oh. and those shades! to die.
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    Have a great day!!

  12. 8.1.14
    Amanda G. said:

    I love simple and put together looks for the summer. Love those sandals!

  13. 8.1.14
    Grace said:

    Love it! Classic and simple is always a good idea, especially for a blog post :) I couldn’t believe they called her basic when she tweeted about it. Made me giggle however that you added that last sentence. LC and you are rocking those looks!

  14. 7.31.14
    cefashion said:

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  15. 7.31.14

    Love this outfit!

  16. 7.31.14
    rhiannon said:
  17. 7.31.14

    Simple is almost always better. People can actually relate to these outfits as opposed to wearing something crazy. Basic can be chic and you’re doing it right!

  18. 7.31.14

    Nothing wrong with being basic, yo. All I pin on Pinterest are t-shirt-jeans combinations…simple casual is in. You look fab!

    Love, Gigi
    Dolce and Gabriella

    • 7.31.14

      I feel you; my Pinterest is full of super basic outfits!

  19. 7.31.14

    Who dosen’t like basic stuff :))) love simple outfits

  20. 7.31.14

    Super cute!!! Love it all – your glasses too!

  21. 7.31.14
    MyOwnPace said:

    LOVE simple looks over loud any day! I’ve thoroughly embraced my once hated elementary school nickname of ‘Sarah Plain & Tall’ ;) Plain=classic

  22. 7.31.14
    maddya said:

    Love the whole look!!!! Very nice indeed.

  23. 7.31.14

    Isn’t that what the Summer months call for- nice and non-fussy beautiful basics?! Liking the front tuck of your t-shirt into jeans- this is everywhere at the moment!

    • 7.31.14

      “Nice and non-fussy beautiful basics.” <– Yes, to all of this.

  24. 7.31.14

    I love the simple look!

  25. 7.31.14

    Your style is effortless. Love this look! :)

  26. 7.31.14
    varellano said:

    Can we talk about how awesome Ann Taylor Loft is these days? They have fantastic basics!

    • 7.31.14

      Right?! I’ve been shopping their sales a LOT this summer (especially when they’re an additional 40-50% off).

  27. 7.31.14

    Simple is classy!! I like it!!

    New post on my blog!

  28. 7.31.14
    Amy said:

    you can never go wrong with a simple outfit

  29. 7.31.14

    Love your clean, simple, chic look! It’s very put together — helps that you are so pretty, too!