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  1. 10.19.14
    miafshaw said:

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    For a gorgeous sunny Melbourne day – and cause it’s Monday!

  2. 8.31.14

    LOVE! the orange & coral! Thanks for lovely mood board inspiration! <3

  3. 8.7.14

    i love corals and LOVE this blog! so cute and girly. I’m still finding my feet with mine, blogging about a whole host of different things, still trying to find my focus – give it a look if you have time! I’d appreciate any feedback from you as your blog is great! I’ll definitely be coming back x

  4. 8.6.14

    Lovely post, I love Coral!!

  5. 8.6.14

    Love it !!!

  6. 8.6.14
    theveon said:

    i’m not big on colour. I wear alot of black but this here is amazingly beautiful.

  7. 8.6.14
    ryssah said:

    oh, absolutely love this. I just started my own blog, and would love to be followed!!!!!!


  8. 8.5.14

    The red shirt look is lovely, especially the neck piece

  9. 8.5.14

    So pretty!! love the nail polish!!!
    new post on my blog

  10. 8.4.14

    I love it! :D

  11. 8.4.14

    Love this color!

  12. 8.4.14

    This outfit is adorable!

  13. 8.4.14

    These colors make me happy!

  14. 8.4.14
    piezloves said:

    Great color schemes! x

  15. 8.4.14
    vestitini said:

    i’m in love with coral since last year <3

  16. 8.4.14

    I love how the coral looks with the jean :)

  17. 8.4.14

    In my younger years, I strayed away from pink’s and salmon colors. Now I can’t get enough! I’m hoping my husband will let me do a mint green/pink bedroom when we decorate our master bedroom when we purchase our first home.

  18. 8.4.14

    Love all of these colors!

  19. 8.4.14
    sirwin17 said:

    So preppy and cute! Love <3


  20. 8.4.14
    Amy said:

    love the mint and coral together

  21. 8.4.14

    Love this color!


  22. 8.4.14

    Lovr the nail polish and flowers. Absolutely beautiful!