Little Black Romper

A Pretty Penny | LOFT Romper and Isola Adette Sandals

LOFT Roll Sleeve Romper
Isola Adette Sandals (via Hautelook)
Big Buddha wristlet
JORD Ely maple watch (c/o)

If they weren’t such a pain every time you use the loo, I’d happily live in [tasteful] rompers and playsuits.

“Here, put on this one thing. Ok, good to go.”

I bought this one from LOFT at the start of summer, before it went on sale. It seemed like a big splurge to drop $80 on a romper, but I’ve worn it no fewer than twenty times: dressed up on a date night, dressed down to the shop, over a swimsuit with my Havaianas; it’s one of the most versatile pieces in my closet right now.

What Do You Think?

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  1. Same reason I love my MaxiDress! One item and Done!

    Posted 9.1.14 Reply
  2. ortiz90 wrote:

    Reblogged this on modaYmanera and commented:
    Love this Romper! If I owned one I would wear it with Oxfords, some Keds, or Ballerina Flats.

    Posted 9.1.14 Reply
  3. nmaillet10 wrote:

    you can totally pull this off!

    Posted 8.27.14 Reply
  4. Jorss by Harshita Punjabi wrote:

    Love the outfit! Catch my blog for updates on fashion from India !!

    Posted 8.26.14 Reply
  5. Hi, I’m new here! Come to my blog! Thanks! :)x

    Posted 8.21.14 Reply
  6. orryana wrote:

    What a cute outfit! You’re rocking it!

    Posted 8.18.14 Reply
  7. Follow Littlemissupdate now!!

    Posted 8.16.14 Reply
  8. Really versatile and classic. I think it was a bargain per wear.

    Posted 8.15.14 Reply
  9. I just tried on my first romper and feel in love…I regret waiting so long. You look adorable in it!

    Posted 8.15.14 Reply
  10. Follow my blog xoxo

    Posted 8.15.14 Reply
  11. So chic and sophisticated! You nailed this look.

    Posted 8.15.14 Reply
  12. Black on Black is always a winner!!

    L, xo.

    Posted 8.15.14 Reply
  13. Mel wrote:

    Adorable romper! Looks great on you!

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply
  14. I love the look !! Rompers are definitely one of my favorite closet adds. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply
  15. Macey Kate wrote:

    You look adorable and you’re absolutely right…you can’t go wrong with a go-everywhere romper! It will look crazy cute for fall as well; all ya gotta do is throw on a few more layers. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply
  16. Gemma wrote:

    Love this but I have never been brave enough to try a romper!

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply
  17. Aren’t rompers the best?!?! Love it! <3

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply
  18. Love this look!!!

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply
  19. looking streamlined and gorgeous

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply
  20. I have the same thought when I wear rompers! So cute but you have to basically undress to go to the bathroom lol

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply
  21. Huge fan of the romper, but agree with the other commenters. There’s something about stripping down every time I use the bathroom that freaks me out a bit–especially at work. I’m afraid someone will catch a glimpse through the crack and think I’m up to no good!

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply
  22. sydney wrote:

    Excellent score! It looks great on you. I second your option about going to the washroom. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried on a romper thinking it was a dress in a store and been very disappointed. You are rocking it though, points for you

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply
  23. Love it, looks great! I’m wearing some rather fabulous black dungarees today but every time I have to go to the toilet, I sigh loudly.

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply
  24. Love this! I may have to stop by Loft and see if they have any left.

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply
    • I know they still have them online! And they’re on sale.

      Posted 8.14.14 Reply
      • Do you think they fit true to size?

        Posted 8.14.14 Reply
        • I think so! They’re nice and roomy (without being TOO big) and there’s a drawstring waist so you can adjust it to your comfort.

          Posted 8.14.14 Reply
  25. Very classic! Today’s Audrey Hepburn!

    Posted 8.14.14 Reply