Little Black Romper

A Pretty Penny | LOFT Romper and Isola Adette Sandals

LOFT Roll Sleeve Romper
Isola Adette Sandals (via Hautelook)
Big Buddha wristlet
JORD Ely maple watch (c/o)

If they weren’t such a pain every time you use the loo, I’d happily live in [tasteful] rompers and playsuits.

“Here, put on this one thing. Ok, good to go.”

I bought this one from LOFT at the start of summer, before it went on sale. It seemed like a big splurge to drop $80 on a romper, but I’ve worn it no fewer than twenty times: dressed up on a date night, dressed down to the shop, over a swimsuit with my Havaianas; it’s one of the most versatile pieces in my closet right now.

30 thoughts on “Little Black Romper

  1. You look adorable and you’re absolutely right…you can’t go wrong with a go-everywhere romper! It will look crazy cute for fall as well; all ya gotta do is throw on a few more layers. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Huge fan of the romper, but agree with the other commenters. There’s something about stripping down every time I use the bathroom that freaks me out a bit–especially at work. I’m afraid someone will catch a glimpse through the crack and think I’m up to no good!


  3. Excellent score! It looks great on you. I second your option about going to the washroom. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried on a romper thinking it was a dress in a store and been very disappointed. You are rocking it though, points for you


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