Let’s talk about Nutella frosting.

More specifically, this Nutella cupcake recipe from Gimme Some Oven.

Last weekend, we celebrated Labor Day and my friend Steve’s birthday with a lake day and BBQ. I offered to bring cupcakes — I will always volunteer as tribute for handling dessert — and since Steve is the only person on the planet who loves cupcakes more than I do, I wanted to make something I hadn’t tried before.

We’re all pretty big fans of Nutella (in fact, most of us won’t keep it in our pantries because we can’t resist eating it by the spoonful right out of the jar) so with a quick Pinterest search for Nutella cupcakes, I found Gimme Some Oven’s recipe.

I used a chocolate box mix for the  cupcakes (devil’s food, I think) and made the simple 5-ingredient Nutella frosting from scratch. After I iced the cupcakes and ate at least a cup of the leftover frosting, I chopped up some Ghirardelli dark chocolate hazelnut squares and sprinkled them on top.

Now I want to keep a tub of Nutella frosting in my fridge, like, always.

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  1. 2.22.15
    Daniel said:

    I was a big fan of Nutella when I was just a kid, and stil continue to be to this day! I can eat it everyday, and in all ways possible. :D Thank you for a nice recipe!

  2. 1.10.15

    Mmmmmm Nutella <3 looking super scrumptious, will have to try and make some!!


  3. 11.21.14

    This totally counts as a haute eat!

  4. 9.30.14

    This is the greatest invention ever, going to try it as soon as possible

  5. 9.26.14

    i m hungry

  6. 9.22.14

    These look delicious!

  7. 9.20.14

    Reblogged this on Nerdalicious and commented:
    I know, I know! It’s a fashion blog. But who says cupcakes can’t be ‘dressed’ too? Plus, Nutella is my brother. If he wasn’t my bro he’d be my boyfriend, but I’m already taken, by Oreo! :)

  8. 9.9.14
    dracipana said:

    hummmm that looks delicious !!! YUM YUM ! Well done !

  9. 9.9.14
    stefik12 said:

    Please read my fashion blog.. http://fashtenn.wordpress.com/page/2/ P.S. I Love this cokies…

  10. 9.6.14
    Aubri said:

    Oh I should not have read this while I was hungry. They look positively sinful. Thanks for sharing!

  11. 9.4.14

    Um, can we talk about serious craving right now?

  12. 9.4.14

    Oh.My.God. These look delicious. Must make.

  13. 9.4.14

    are so delicious, I’m eating them with my eyes ( this is the only thing that I can do now :D )

  14. 9.4.14
    zoemozer said:

    Nutella is the best

  15. 9.4.14

    Finally found a recipe for a cake that my husband will love ♥ thank you

  16. 9.4.14
    Mel said:

    Let’s just NOT talk about it and just EAT it. :P


  17. 9.4.14

    Reblogged this on paleoandeverythingelse and commented:
    For that sweet tooth that ya just can’t shake…

  18. 9.3.14
    Mel said:

    This looks so tasty! I have to try making it


  19. 9.3.14

    Looks amazing! Love nutella and can’t wait to try these cupcakes :)

  20. 9.3.14

    Seriously!?! That looks so so so yummy!!

  21. 9.3.14
    rachelle said:

    Thanks for sharing, I don’t love Nutella but I never say no when it’s offered =)

  22. 9.3.14

    Wow, beautiful shot of the cupcakes. Your picture is distracting me from commenting about your actual post, which by the way I did read! ….YUM! I am so excited to make these for my family and friends. Thanks for sharing!

    • 9.4.14

      Thanks! I snapped it with my iPhone right before we tore into them after dinner. ;-)

  23. 9.3.14

    I have to try these

  24. 9.3.14
    kendelseigler said:

    NOM. I need that right now! Thanks for sharing :)

  25. 9.3.14
    vestitini said:

    ooooooooooh you are cruel, I’m on a diet!

  26. 9.3.14

    Hmmm looks so yummy! :)

  27. 9.3.14
    jaclynnnc said:

    These look amazing. Hazelnut +chocolate = LOVE

  28. 9.3.14


  29. 9.3.14

    I made Nutella frosting cupcakes too, for an event at my boy’s kindergarten, they liked 😋
    WondersReviews Recently Posted : Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  30. 9.3.14

    I think I may have to make these. They look amazing :D

  31. 9.3.14

    That looks a great idea

  32. 9.3.14

    looks so good. Most certainty making these soon :)

  33. 9.3.14

    I’ve been looking for a delicious treat to bring to work and I think I just found the one! Those look amazing!!!

    • 9.4.14

      I think it will be a hit! My friends loved them!

  34. 9.3.14
    Amy said:


  35. 9.3.14

    They look so good! I’ll have try that recipe!

    ~Lauren Beth

  36. 9.3.14

    That look so good!