double the denim

I love denim on denim: it’s simple and effortless, a no-brainer when you feel like you have “nothing to wear,” and most important, it’s all kinds of comfortable. I think the trick to pulling it off in a polished way is picking quality pieces, and mixing shades and textures on the top and bottom.

It’s easy to get denim shirt fever and end up with a dozen variations in your closet. But when it comes down to it, two is plenty: a boyfriend-fit long sleeve button down that can do double duty as a shirt and jacket, and a short sleeve chambray tee.

What Do You Think?

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  1. geekgirl02 wrote:

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    Want a date? Wear denim. Want the look? Wear denim

    Posted 9.20.14 Reply
  2. wilmke wrote:

    I love denim, especially Canadian Tuxedo’s. Love your blog. Would love for you to check mine out too. I followed you! :)


    Posted 9.13.14 Reply
  3. I absolutely live for denim and chambray. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Posted 9.11.14 Reply
  4. sanneyckor wrote:


    Posted 9.11.14 Reply
  5. Casey wrote:

    Denim on denim is the best!

    Posted 9.11.14 Reply
  6. When it comes to denim, I’ve been really getting into buying darker/raw denim. What do you think about them?

    Posted 9.11.14 Reply
  7. theovisca wrote:

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    Summer style.

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    Hot or Nah!

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  9. danijane87 wrote:

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  10. Mel wrote:

    Denim on denim is such a great look!

    Posted 9.9.14 Reply
  11. I’m a huge fan of double denim!

    Posted 9.9.14 Reply
  12. nara78 wrote:

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    !!!!!Modelitos bem descolados para o dia!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 9.9.14 Reply
  13. :) love denim so easy to wear :)

    Posted 9.9.14 Reply
  14. stefik12 wrote:

    So awesome … Please read my blog….

    Posted 9.9.14 Reply
  15. Love denim, this is most comfortable outfit for me. Denin on denim looks great too.

    Posted 9.9.14 Reply
  16. Still not sick of this look! Perfect for Fall :)


    Posted 9.9.14 Reply
  17. Love all these looks!

    Posted 9.9.14 Reply
  18. Absolutely love these looks, great post!

    Posted 9.9.14 Reply
  19. I don;t get why people always say not to do double denim. It is so perfect!

    Posted 9.9.14 Reply
  20. Victoria wrote:

    I love the denim on denim too! Check out my chambray denim Rosie the Riveter post!

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  21. I often do this on accident! Love denim. Comfy and classy in my book
    Thanks for the post!

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  22. avecluik wrote:

    Ah.. the Canadian Tuxedo, if done right, it is SO right!
    I gotta disagree with you though… you can never have two many denim shirts in your closet :)

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  23. Love the Canadian Tuxedo look! I find some shades don’t always match together really well though so sometimes I have a hard time getting that exact look I want.

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  24. Im obsessed with denim on denim its my favorite!

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  25. dejavuufsa wrote:

    also cargo pants

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  26. dejavuufsa wrote:

    try some jean designer

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  27. vestitini wrote:

    i love this pictures!

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  28. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m still searching for the perfect chambray shirt! I’ll have to check some of the links you’ve included.

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  29. Jess wrote:

    Denim on denim is so nice! Some of the outfits would look amazing with a moto jacket. Here’s a post I wrote on getting the perfect moto jacket for fall. Check it out!

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  30. I love denim-on-denim, a new classic in my eyes!

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  31. I completely agree! I love denim on denim!

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  32. Denim is our best friends when we don’t know what to wear ! Very good post :D

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  33. caradare wrote:

    Huge fan of double denim! Lovely pics
    X Cara

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  34. Lauren wrote:

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    LOVE this post and the options. I have been loving this look on others just waiting for the opportunity to take the risk and do it myself! XOXO

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  35. My bf is definitely into doubling the denim with a denim shirt and jeans. I follow right behind with a denim jacket and jeans! Great post!

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  36. Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  37. Anja wrote:

    cool post ;) I love denim <3

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  38. There’s nothing better than denim on denim!

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  39. kesimoore wrote:

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    I Love Denim!!!

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  40. Love denim/chambray shirts! You can find them about anywhere now :)

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  41. KatWalkSF wrote:

    I live for denim. A denim/chambray top is pretty much my uniform!

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply
  42. shizknit wrote:

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    I did double denim a long time ago and remember that someone made fun of me. And now it’s cool. Well, look who’s ahead of the trend now.

    Posted 9.8.14 Reply