You sniff it you buy it: A very expensive lesson in essential oils and other recent goings-on.

Last Saturday afternoon, C and I wrapped up work on time [glory be] and went to Ruby Tuesdays for a couple chicken BLTs. Which we’re now hopelessly addicted to; we had back-to-backers over the weekend and I may have talked my parents into meeting me for dinner for another one tonight. It’s a problem. A delicious, panko-encrusted, bacon-topped problem.

When we got home, I was running through my regular paranoid Shop Closing Routine Checklist — Did I lock the front door? Close up the back? Did I leave the walk-in cooler open? Is a lamp on, threatening to burn down the building? — and realized that I left a hot glue pan burning on the design counter from a homecoming corsage I made that morning. I paused the episode of Project Runway I was watching on demand (in my bed, mid-sandwich coma) and headed back downtown.

It took all of 60 seconds to unplug the glue pan, so rather than waste the trip, I decided to stop at a health food store for a couple beauty supplies. I should’ve gone to the one downtown near the shop, but I stopped at the one closer to home instead.

I grabbed a big bottle of sweet almond oil and some rosewater spray (which just smells so good). While I was there, I thought I’d check out their chamomile essential oil; my girlfriend uses it for lots of things and I love making scrubs and body moisturizers with different aromatherapy oils. More on that later.

This particular shop keeps all of their essential oils behind the counter, which bugs me because I want to get at them to sniffem, you know? I asked the two ladies at the counter if they had any roman chamomile; which I pronounce, “camo-meal,” for what it’s worth. One lady confirmed they had it in stock, while the other searched the shelves. She said, “I don’t see ‘roman’ chamomile,”  — she pronounced it, “camo-mile,” which made me weirdly self-conscious; I decided to google the pronunciation later — “but we have this kind.”

As she passed the bottle to me over the counter, I totally assumed she’d handed it my way so I could take a whiff. So I twisted the cap, and just as I felt the inner seal snap, the other lady exclaimed, “DON’T OPEN IT!”

When the camo-meal/mile oil didn’t explode or spontaneously combust in my hand, I realized that I’d just committed some kind of you-break-it-you-buy-it infraction. “I guess I’ll just… buy it?” I offered. I thought about the last essential oil I purchased there: lavender, for about $15. I turned the tiny bottle over in my hand to peek at the price tag and…


Wait. WUT? $59.99?!

“Do you… know… how much this is? I thought… you were giving it to me… to smell it…” I stammered. One lady looked as surprised as I was, while the other, who I recognized from years of shopping there, explained that it’s one of the priciest essential oils on the market (of course it is) and they don’t even have a tester bottle because it’s so expensive and made of unicorn tears and pixie dust or something; I stopped listening because I was trying to reconcile in my brain that I was about to drop 60 bucks on this tiny bottle of smelly oil I wasn’t even sure I knew how to pronounce.

“Um, do you still want it?” my sister in shock asked. “Um, do I have a choice?” I replied. Nope, it didn’t seem I did. You guys. I can’t even.

I went home and googled “chamomile oil uses,” followed by “how to pronounce chamomile,” (turns out we’re both right) and broke the news to my husband that I spent 3-bottles-of-Tito’s worth of cash on an essential oil that would hopefully change our lives and fix every ailment we ever have. At least, the Internet says it will.

He’s pretty skeptical.

(Currently accepting any and all recommendations for chamomile essential oil, please and thanks.)

In other news, things are picking up at the flower shop as we ease back into our season. We had two big banquet events last week, and the calendar is filling up with weddings, parties, and holiday stuff. In about three blinks, it will be Christmas. Tomorrow is OCTOBER, y’all.

We’re a little bummed to see summer go, but C is coping by keeping busy with his other full-time job, fantasy football, and I’m comforting myself with thoughts of hearty crockpot recipes, pumpkin-centric baked goods, and the return of scarf weather.

And I have a feeling this fall is going to smell like chamomile… ;-)

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  1. 10.15.14

    Oh my, that sounds like something that I would do. I hope you find 101 uses for the chamomile :)

  2. 10.8.14
    abeljh123 said:

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  3. 10.8.14

    amazing work!

  4. 10.6.14
    LEKKERMAG said:

    Hi, I really loved your blog! Visit mine
    hope you like it! you are such an inspiration!!

  5. 10.5.14

    I purchased some roman chamomile and I just HATE it. I honestly can’t stand the way it smells. :( I didm;t realize I’d have such an aversion to it! Anywho, I hope you enjoy yours. Sucks about HAVING to buy it.

  6. 10.3.14

    WOW…that is CRAZY :( I love essential oils so I was trying to do some research for you…is it German (Blue) Chamomile? or just Chamomile?

  7. 10.3.14

    Loved this!

  8. 10.2.14

    Hahah! I am so sorry you had to end up buying it. I bought some essential oils the other day for the sugar scrubs that I make that were about $7.00 each. I had no idea that some of the essential oils could be so pricey! I love your blog :) Enjoy the Fall weather!!

  9. 10.1.14
    Taylor Voisard said:

    LOL!! Haven’t giggled this much in a while.. I loved the post. I was thinking Camo-MILE was a Polk county annunciation. xo

  10. 10.1.14

    Oh my goodness – that would SO happen to me. Everybody gets lavender scented gifts for Christmas this year- YAY :)

  11. 10.1.14

    WHAT!!! I can’t believe they didn’t a.) explain that you couldn’t open the bottle of gold if that was the case before handing it to you and b.) acquiesce it was their fault for not doing so and tell you that you are under no obligation to buy!

    Perhaps the chamomile will be worth its salt and their salty behavior! It did make for a great post, tho! :)

  12. 10.1.14

    So sorry about your chamomile misfortune – just think of yourself as baby Jesus, except you’ve got three essential oils instead of frankincense and myrrh.

  13. 10.1.14
    Tekesha said:

    Ha! They would’ve had to arrest me over that oil vial because there is no way I would’ve paid for it. Unless there is some kind of giant sign with that policy explicitly stated, they can’t really enforce that. Well, you live and you learn. I love the way you expressed the amount in terms of bottles of Tito’s, the best vodka of all time!!! :-)

  14. 10.1.14
    MsAidyl said:

    He’s gorgeous :)

  15. 10.1.14
    vestitini said:

    I made my own essential oil with the lavanda flowers on my balcony, it is amazing, I use it for everything… on my shampoo, to perfume the house… to cook parfumed pancakes…

  16. 9.30.14
    Quin said:

    Oh my! I can’t even believe this!! That’s crazy that they essentially made you buy it. However, I do hope it comes in handy!

  17. 9.30.14

    hahaha this is awesome. gotta love situations so bad that you find them funny :)

  18. 9.30.14
    Pam said:

    I love this post. You are an amazing writer! I laughed, I cried and then I looked up the correct pronunciation for chamomile/meal…whatever!

  19. 9.30.14

    Damn girl, that spending sounds painful!! Better make really good use out of it!


  20. 9.30.14

    I really love your blog! Check out mine?

  21. 9.30.14

    I’d have legged it out of the shop!

  22. 9.30.14

    Lol!! That’s painful spending!
    Your doggy looks like quite the respectable gentleman in that picture.

  23. 9.30.14

    Oh my…I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at your tale! You poor thing…I’ve had something like that happen to me once and it was so frustrating! And why does it always have to be the most expensive thing too! Loved your story…thanks for sharing! xx..Cortneybre…

  24. 9.30.14

    This is quite honestly one of the most endearing stories I have read in a long time!

  25. 9.30.14
    Jane said:

    Good story, sounds like something I would do (including leaving on the hot glue pan). My grandma used to rinse our hair in cool chamomile tea to make it shiny and bring out some blond highlights. I always loved the smell because it reminds me of her. You can put it in some home made cleaning products – like Sink Scrub made with one part borax, two parts baking soda.

  26. 9.30.14

    I have no suggestions for chamomile, but I did make this yummy pumpkin treat this weekend It was yummy, fallish, and has chocolate, which always helps to make me feel better at least…

  27. 9.30.14

    Love the flowers and your dog, of course!

  28. 9.30.14

    that is crazy how much that bottle cost.

  29. 9.30.14

    Chamomile oil cured my dog’s flea allergy dermatitis, if that helps!

  30. 9.30.14
    Dee said:

    lol lol lol, I’m seriously not laughing at you just with you,…..$60.00 bucks worth of laughter though. lol