taking stock | 09

Making : homecoming corsages and boutonnieres.
Cooking : lots of crockpot dinners, like this healthy chicken chili. A note: I don’t cut the chicken breast into chunks like the recipe suggests; I toss whole frozen boneless breasts in there and cook it for 5-6 hours on high until the chicken shreds easily. It’s easier and delicious-er.
Drinking : Perrier by the case. (Have I told you about my new hobby of taking weekly trips to the Sam’s Club? I’m getting really fun in my old age, y’all.)
Reading: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.
Wanting: some fall weather, Florida. Or anything under 75 degrees, really.
Playing: hooky from the shop for a few hours each week. I’m working on managing my time better to make the most of my 9-5 and cut down on the overtime.
Wishing: my friend, Laura, was home to see Gone Girl with me; she made me read the book, which I devoured in a weekend, and it won’t be the same without her film-expert commentary.
Enjoying: lazy game days with friends and these smothered tater tots, which, just, holy moly.
Waiting: for some down time this weekend to binge-watch the new Walking Dead episodes on Netflix.
Liking: the “My Fitness Pal” iOS app. I’ve never been into calorie counting, but the daily nutrition diary helps me balance my diet and keeps me accountable for what I shove down my pie hole; those fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies from the coffee shop add up quickly.
Wondering: what to get my husband for his birthday next month.
Loving: Kari Gran natural skincare; the 3-step system is so simple and effective.
Marvelling: at how close I am to 30; and how not concerned I am about it.
Needing: a truckload of colorful fall mums to plant all around my house. And time to plant them. And maybe some gardening skills?
Smelling: the chamomile essential oil I’m burning in a diffuser. (Begrudgingly.)
Wearing: a LOFT utility blouse and skinnies. I’m seriously considering buying every color and wearing them every day, Doug-style.
Thinking: I should get a jump-start on my Christmas shopping…
Knowing: I’m probably not going to get a jump-start on my Christmas shopping.
Opening: a new bottle of OPI Bubble Bath. It was all I wore from, like, 2005-2007; I’m putting it back on heavy rotation.
Giggling: at Jim Gaffigan’s old Hot Pocket skit. Last week the familiar microwave-zapped aroma wafted into the back of the shop (we share an air vent with our neighbors) and I had to stop everything and find it on YouTube for my staff.
Feeling: content.

Inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by Pip!

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  1. 10.31.14

    Love the style of this post! :)

  2. 10.20.14

    What camera do you use? You take great photos!

  3. 10.19.14
    rdhhhhh said:

    Just recently stumbled on your blog, enjoy reading it! Started my own very recent, mind checking it out and maybe follow? Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

  4. 10.14.14

    These round-ups of internet goodness always get me hooked on new things! The tater tots need to happen now. They look delish!

  5. 10.14.14
    jillhpohl said:

    What a great “-ing” post. This was fun and oh so relatable…especially drinking Perrier by the case.

  6. 10.14.14

    Great post! As a reader I can feel your enthusiasm! Thanks for that! Can’t argue that christmas shopping is not on my mind as well!

  7. 10.13.14
  8. 10.11.14

    Love your watch!!

  9. 10.11.14
    RG said:

    Nice blog! Check my fashion blog out


  10. 10.11.14

    This is a great list! I hope you and your friend, Laura, get to see Gone Girl together. I want to see this flick in theatres, too. I also want your LOFT utility blouse in just about every colour! I love the cut, and it would be a perfect addition to my closet. Oh, and I also love your arm candy in your pic. It’s very gorgeous!

  11. 10.10.14
    Victoria said:

    OH great list! I find myself drawing a blank for some of these…will definitely have to mull over this.

  12. 10.10.14

    Beautuful scarf 😍

  13. 10.10.14
    Jenn said:

    Jim Gaffigan is my spirit animal! Anytime someone in my office makes a Hot Pocket I have to fight the urge to sing out, “Diarrhea Pcoket!” in a creepy voice.

    • 10.13.14

      We are kindred spirits. This is exactly what I did that afternoon, which is why I had to find the video so my employees didn’t think I’d lost my mind.

      Then I watched it at least 3 times. ;-)

  14. 10.10.14

    Glad you are giving your self some me time

  15. 10.10.14

    This is the best format for a round up post as it’s so readsr friendly. I need to get back to this structure. How can you read a whole book in a weekend hon?! I wish I had your concentration :0)

    • 10.13.14

      I really like this format, too! That’s why I stole, er, borrowed it from The Daybook. ;-)

      Reading is my therapy. When I find a book I really love, I can easily lose all sense of time and get lost in it. It’s the best way for me to unplug!

      • 10.13.14

        I think you’re on to something there :0) It’s the switching off that’s my prob ironically. Must try harder :0)

  16. 10.10.14

    Love your blog! Would you please give mine a visit? http://ahellahappylife.wordpress.com

  17. 10.10.14

    What a fun post

  18. 10.10.14
    Frez said:

    Reblogged this on fredtroy and commented:
    wait a minute please

  19. 10.10.14
    shannon said:

    Great post! I love the OPI colour Bubble Bath, it’s one of those classic colours. So funny that you mentioned Jim Gaffigan and his hot pocket skit – He’s one of my favourite comedians and that skit is hilarious!

    • 10.13.14

      I’ve been on such an Essie kick lately, I really forgot how awesome it is!

  20. 10.10.14

    Love this!

  21. 10.10.14

    I absolutely love your scarf!

    • 10.13.14

      Thank you! I found it at Kohl’s last year. It’s going to be in heavy rotation this fall; if fall ever makes it to Florida, that is.

      • 10.13.14

        You’re welcome! I love Kohl’s they always have such great finds there.

  22. 10.10.14
    Quin said:

    Great post! Might have to steal this idea for next week! :) Thanks for the inspo!

    • 10.13.14

      Steal away!! I borrowed it from The Daybook! :)