taking stock | 09

Making : homecoming corsages and boutonnieres.
Cooking : lots of crockpot dinners, like this healthy chicken chili. A note: I don’t cut the chicken breast into chunks like the recipe suggests; I toss whole frozen boneless breasts in there and cook it for 5-6 hours on high until the chicken shreds easily. It’s easier and delicious-er.
Drinking : Perrier by the case. (Have I told you about my new hobby of taking weekly trips to the Sam’s Club? I’m getting really fun in my old age, y’all.)
Reading: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.
Wanting: some fall weather, Florida. Or anything under 75 degrees, really.
Playing: hooky from the shop for a few hours each week. I’m working on managing my time better to make the most of my 9-5 and cut down on the overtime.
Wishing: my friend, Laura, was home to see Gone Girl with me; she made me read the book, which I devoured in a weekend, and it won’t be the same without her film-expert commentary.
Enjoying: lazy game days with friends and these smothered tater tots, which, just, holy moly.
Waiting: for some down time this weekend to binge-watch the new Walking Dead episodes on Netflix.
Liking: the “My Fitness Pal” iOS app. I’ve never been into calorie counting, but the daily nutrition diary helps me balance my diet and keeps me accountable for what I shove down my pie hole; those fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies from the coffee shop add up quickly.
Wondering: what to get my husband for his birthday next month.
Loving: Kari Gran natural skincare; the 3-step system is so simple and effective.
Marvelling: at how close I am to 30; and how not concerned I am about it.
Needing: a truckload of colorful fall mums to plant all around my house. And time to plant them. And maybe some gardening skills?
Smelling: the chamomile essential oil I’m burning in a diffuser. (Begrudgingly.)
Wearing: a LOFT utility blouse and skinnies. I’m seriously considering buying every color and wearing them every day, Doug-style.
Thinking: I should get a jump-start on my Christmas shopping…
Knowing: I’m probably not going to get a jump-start on my Christmas shopping.
Opening: a new bottle of OPI Bubble Bath. It was all I wore from, like, 2005-2007; I’m putting it back on heavy rotation.
Giggling: at Jim Gaffigan’s old Hot Pocket skit. Last week the familiar microwave-zapped aroma wafted into the back of the shop (we share an air vent with our neighbors) and I had to stop everything and find it on YouTube for my staff.
Feeling: content.

Inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by Pip!

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I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

32 thoughts on “taking stock | 09

  1. Just recently stumbled on your blog, enjoy reading it! Started my own very recent, mind checking it out and maybe follow? Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

  2. This is a great list! I hope you and your friend, Laura, get to see Gone Girl together. I want to see this flick in theatres, too. I also want your LOFT utility blouse in just about every colour! I love the cut, and it would be a perfect addition to my closet. Oh, and I also love your arm candy in your pic. It’s very gorgeous!

  3. Jim Gaffigan is my spirit animal! Anytime someone in my office makes a Hot Pocket I have to fight the urge to sing out, “Diarrhea Pcoket!” in a creepy voice.

    1. We are kindred spirits. This is exactly what I did that afternoon, which is why I had to find the video so my employees didn’t think I’d lost my mind.

      Then I watched it at least 3 times. ;-)

  4. This is the best format for a round up post as it’s so readsr friendly. I need to get back to this structure. How can you read a whole book in a weekend hon?! I wish I had your concentration :0)

    1. I really like this format, too! That’s why I stole, er, borrowed it from The Daybook. ;-)

      Reading is my therapy. When I find a book I really love, I can easily lose all sense of time and get lost in it. It’s the best way for me to unplug!

  5. Great post! I love the OPI colour Bubble Bath, it’s one of those classic colours. So funny that you mentioned Jim Gaffigan and his hot pocket skit – He’s one of my favourite comedians and that skit is hilarious!

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