Gimme All the Cozy Cocoons


Olive + Oak open knit cardi – m.marie
Vince Camuto leather “Colby” bag – Hautelook
La Mer Collections leather wrap watch

My friend, Meghan, recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of her boutique, m.marie. She had a big open house a few weeks ago, and I scooped up this Olive + Oak cocoon sweater. It called to me from the rack: big chunky knit, neutral color, long enough to cover my butt in leggings; checkity-check-check. When I tried it on and got the nod of approval from my girl, Lisa, it was a done deal.

Now I’m thinking I need a couple more open knit cocoon sweaters to get me through fall and winter; they’re kinda like wrapping yourself in your favorite throw blanket, and I’m alllll about it.

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  1. 11.26.14

    is so good :) check out my blog :)

  2. 11.23.14

    Such a cute sweater! I wish I had one like that!

    xoxo –

  3. 10.30.14
    brionyjm said:

    Fall is my absolute favourite season!!!!! Love the fall makeup looks, knitwear, cups of tea, autumn leaves…….

    This sweater is gorgeous – I want one! B xoxo

  4. 10.29.14

    happy that i found your blog. Will you check out mine? -Fashion blog. Thanks!

  5. 10.28.14
    Margaret said:

    Love you blog and the info. You are so right about a nice warm chunky sweater that covers well

  6. 10.27.14

    Hi lovely, I just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award :)
    Here’s a link to the post x

  7. 10.27.14

    the color looks very nice on you! I wanna wrap myself with throw blanket too!

  8. 10.26.14
    Mex Alex said:

    It looks super cozy!!

  9. 10.26.14
    absey said:

    I LOVE that cardigan!!! It’s a great color too, goes with everything.

  10. 10.26.14

    I LOOOOOOVE your cardigan ! I want it ! xx L-

  11. 10.26.14

    Hi Keira!! Very nice your posts! I follow you from Europe, from Spain. Your potos are lovely too. If you want to have a look to my posts,…you may like them!

  12. 10.25.14
    Amanda said:

    Love the neutrals and gold accents. My kind of outfit!

  13. 10.25.14
    Victoria said:

    I’m loving the silhouette and color of that sweater! So cozy for the autumn.

  14. 10.24.14
    Cole said:

    I love Haute Look & Nordstrom Rack!!! I had no idea that the latter owned the former until recently; love the sweater as well ; )

    • 10.29.14

      Their iOS app is my favorite. It makes shopping both sites super easy (maybe too easy; I order too much, ha!).

  15. 10.24.14

    Hey, that’s such a comfy looking sweater!I just found you on wordpress and love your style. Very easy and casual, yet very put-together.

  16. 10.24.14

    That bag is everything! I tried looking all over for it. Lucky you! :)

    • 10.29.14

      I’m keeping my eyes peeled to see if it pops back up on Nordstrom Rack. If it does I’ll let y’all know!

  17. 10.24.14

    So cute and looks extra cozy!

  18. 10.24.14

    Love it all, now I need to shop!

  19. 10.23.14
    Mel said:
  20. 10.23.14
    Carolina E. said:

    Love the outfit ,color is great !!

  21. 10.23.14

    I love cocoon sweaters! I only have one but I’d love to get another!

  22. 10.23.14

    Gotta love cocoon sweaters. So comfy and so chic.
    xx Alexis

  23. 10.23.14
    Bree said:

    Can never have enough cozy sweaters!

  24. 10.23.14
    vestitini said:

    i love the bag!

  25. 10.23.14

    cute sweater

  26. 10.23.14

    I love this outfit! This look is so cute and comfortable. Definitely something I will be wearing this season

  27. 10.23.14

    I love big, chunky knit sweaters! They really are great to snuggle up in, especially at this time of the year!

  28. 10.23.14

    Cute and cozy!!!

  29. 10.23.14

    I love that sweater- definitely a great cocoon~!

  30. 10.23.14


  31. 10.23.14

    I am loving this fall’s trends of blanket scarves and big cozy sweaters <3

  32. 10.23.14

    Awesome bag! and love the coziness of the outfit.

  33. 10.23.14

    I love cozy comfort, too! Love the bag and the gold bling on the wrist, too! I always look forward to your posts! So far my fave blog since I entered blogosphere last March. :) I thought I made that up, but auto-correct just took off the extra g — blogosphere is a word, imagine that! :)

  34. 10.23.14

    I love your bucket bag!

  35. 10.23.14

    I’ve been wonderng about the praticalities of cocoon knitts and waterfall cardies for a while. I love how long they are but I never manage to put anything warm enough underneath, just a tee. Any ideas?

    • 12.5.14

      I have a jumper that is basically a knitted short sleeved tee shirt in cashmere which is great for layering under my waterfall cardigans. Twin sets and layering woolens is very British :) (with thermal long sleeved teeshirts underneath, Marks and Spencer always do pretty ones)
      If the cardigan is made of wool, it’s usually warm in its own right in my experience

      • 12.5.14

        I’m allergic to wool but I love the tip about long sleeved tees from M&S and cute tank tops like your cashmere one – thanks :0)

  36. 10.23.14
    vcabigao said:

    Love this blog! (and that bag!!!!) Thanks for inspiring me to make my own.

  37. 10.23.14

    Dreamy! And priced well too. Thanks for the recommendation…I’m ordering :)