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  1. 12.9.14
    erenee311 said:

    I love the color of the sweater! This outfit is great

  2. 12.8.14
    Heather said:

    So simple and chic


  3. 12.8.14
    asallows said:

    These look so comfy! Also, those bracelets are amazing. Great colours!


  4. 12.8.14

    lovely outfit

  5. 12.8.14
    Anonymous said:

    lovely outfit

  6. 12.8.14
    Erin E. said:

    Love the leggings! I haven’t set foot in Walmart in YEARS, but I might have to run in for a pair of those.

  7. 12.8.14

    I really love your accessories, nice combination :)


  8. 12.8.14

    Like it! Keeping it simple is sometimes more than doing or trying to much!


  9. 12.8.14
    KatWalkSF said:

    Leggings cure everything! Love this look!

  10. 12.7.14

    What did we do before leggings????

  11. 12.7.14
    miafshaw said:

    Reblogged this on miafshaw.

  12. 12.7.14
    Carolina E. said:

    Love your outfit and bag!! Really enjoy your blog.