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  1. 12.14.14
  2. 12.11.14
    WanderingMind09 said:

    Cute outfit! looks very comfy and chic.

  3. 12.8.14

    Nothing better than a pom pom sweater! Love!

  4. 12.8.14
    sorayadin said:

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  5. 12.8.14
    Mel said:
  6. 12.8.14
    Heather said:



  7. 12.8.14
    Alex said:

    I hate that you are wearing sandals! We are looking at a huge snowstorm tomorrow :(

  8. 12.8.14

    Love the bag and watch so much! Really classy. I need to get myself some good accessories but I’m so bad with it I always end up buying clothes instead.


  9. 12.8.14
    Guest Beauty Fairy said:

    love your shoes:)

  10. 12.8.14
    asallows said:

    Such a cute sweater! I love that bag, too. What a classic look.


  11. 12.8.14

    your pictures 😍

  12. 12.8.14

    Ce sweat est trop mignon!!

  13. 12.8.14

    One word: CUTE! :)
    I super love it!

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  14. 12.8.14

    ah, that sweater is so cute!
    xo, Laura

  15. 12.8.14
    Asa said:

    Love the Pom-Pom sweater. Adorable!


  16. 12.8.14

    Very cute! You know it’s FL when you are still wearing sandals, tho! I can do that look here in GA sans sandals. :)