Hello, I'm Keira.

I spend my days running my flower shop, and [some of] my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear.

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  1. 1.23.15

    Beautiful outfit! :)

  2. 1.23.15


  3. 1.2.15
    Ihe Nwk said:

    Love the simplicity of this look. The scarf is beautiful :)

  4. 12.30.14
    DrawDess said:

    Love this outfit :D

  5. 12.26.14

    Nice outfit, but the scarf is the best! ;-)

  6. 12.25.14
    fashionluvdathing said:

    luv da boots!!

  7. 12.25.14

    Love this outfit! x

  8. 12.24.14
    Balkiss said:

    j’aime bien la tenue

  9. 12.22.14
    lion20two said:

    That scarf is gorgeous :)

  10. 12.22.14

    Hi. please do plug/visit my account http://leamelissa.wordpress.com/ Thank you :)

  11. 12.21.14

    I love the Scarf.

  12. 12.21.14

    This outfit is fabulous. I find it so hard in the Winter finding day to day wear but something like this is perfect!

  13. 12.20.14

    We love your blog. They scarf is the perfect way to make your outfit stand out!

  14. 12.19.14

    I have a scarf very similar to that and I love it :)

  15. 12.19.14

    The scarf is amazing! Missoni?

  16. 12.19.14

    bem bem bom!

  17. 12.19.14

    beautiful scarf

  18. 12.19.14

    I LOVE that scarf! Gorgeous!

  19. 12.18.14
    asallows said:

    Great outfit! The scarf adds such a nice touch of pattern and colour.