#OOTD: Easy Like Monday Morning?

2015/01/img_5827.jpgI really wanted to wear sweatpants to work this morning, but I went for item #2 on The List of Least Professional But Most Comfortable Wardrobe Favorites: my relaxed-fit distressed boyfriend jeans.


Blank Denim Galaxy Jeans
Olive & Oak tee
Nine West sandals & Lauren Merkin leather tote (Hautelook)

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  1. 1.17.15


  2. 1.17.15

    stripes are always one of the best options … you can dress up and/ or down with wearing a blazer on top or just sneakers <3


  3. 1.15.15
    Linda H said:

    I say if you’re going to be giving your brain and body a work out at work then by all means be as comfortable and stylish as possible haha! I just love striped shirts. They give that effortless touch of Parisian chic to any business day. :)

    The Little World of Linda | http://www.applemeeko.wordpress.com

  4. 1.13.15

    very cute

  5. 1.13.15
    Samantha said:

    Loving this look and loving that you can wear it to work!

  6. 1.13.15

    Love this!

  7. 1.13.15

    On you look really nice, so “relaxed”, so “natural”. Hmmm I don’t feel jeans, I don’t know but it is something which I don’t find myself…comfortable. But never-mind, you look great and I love your posting!

  8. 1.13.15

    Love this look – loooove boyfriend jeans x

  9. 1.12.15

    I love those jeans! Boyfriend jeans are a lifesaver for those “I want to wear sweatpants” days!

  10. 1.12.15

    First of all, I love the title. Secondly, your outfit is fantastic! :)

  11. 1.12.15
    Sandrine said:

    Love it as usual! :) xx

  12. 1.12.15

    Beautiful outfit :)

  13. 1.12.15

    Comfy and cute! I love the title ;) The bag is super cute, too!

  14. 1.12.15

    cute and casual

  15. 1.12.15

    Very cute outfit and perfect for a relaxed Monday! I really love those shoes with the bf jeans. :)

  16. 1.12.15

    Oh boy. This outfit makes me ache for an early spring here in North Carolina, although we haven’t really had that bad of a winter yet (knocking on fake wood). I always enjoy seeing what you come up with. Thx for sharing.

  17. 1.12.15

    I second the sweatpants idea!! I went for super stretchy skinny jeans instead however if it wasn’t for the fact that my bf jeans are a little short in the leg for wet winter days in the UK I would have been wearing mine along with you! :) loving that shirt also! x

  18. 1.12.15
    KatWalkSF said:

    Love Love Love a BF jean!

  19. 1.12.15
    rhiannon said:
  20. 1.12.15

    I am eternally jealous of your winter footwear. As a sufferer of cold feet (literally, not as in having second thoughts), winter is not a great time for my tootsies. Suddenly the need to wear open toe shoes seems like a very legitimate reason to pick up and move to a warmer climate. ☺

    Also, love the jeans – don’t find them unprofessional at all!

    • 1.12.15

      Thanks Britt! The high is 79 in central Florida today, and it was 40 last Friday. Our winter is very confusing!

  21. 1.12.15

    Gotta love boyfriend jeans.

  22. 1.12.15

    Your outfit looks lovely, i’m really liking the nautical colours, and jealous that you can wear causual clothes to work!! I love posting OOTDs aswell :)

    • 1.12.15

      Thanks, Cindy! I own a flower shop, so it’s casual all the way. :)

  23. 1.12.15
    Erin E. said:

    I have the hardest time finding jeans that are relaxed enough but don’t look sloppy! Those are the perfect balance – perfect for Mondays when sweatpants just sound so good.