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  1. 1.19.15
    miafshaw said:

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    Love the black look!

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  2. 1.19.15

    love how this outfit looks on you. it goes well with your smile! <3

  3. 1.19.15

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    Lovely post. I love the jeggings. Indeed it “looks like a jean, feels like a legging.” Fits you well.

  4. 1.19.15

    Lovely post. I love the jeggings. Indeed it “looks like a jean, feels like a legging.” Fits you well.

  5. 1.18.15

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  6. 1.18.15
    lauraobbo said:


  7. 1.18.15
    emkohta said:

    Love love love the simplicity of this! This is so my type of an outfit.
    Xo Em

  8. 1.17.15
    stefik12 said:

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  9. 1.16.15
    Amy said:

    I miss Florida weird winters

  10. 1.16.15

    Love the sweater!!!! And those bracelets are really cute! Great outfit!!

  11. 1.16.15
    criscarrillo said:
  12. 1.16.15


  13. 1.16.15

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  14. 1.16.15

    You’re so pretty! 😍

  15. 1.16.15


  16. 1.15.15
    nyrmirez said:

    I love how simple this is and how you accessorized with a few bracelets.

  17. 1.15.15

    I love your pants! Are they high wasted? Perfect for Florida winters, I know from experience. xoxo

  18. 1.15.15

    I am such a cardi fan. Here in Australia (I live 2 hrs south of sydney on the coast), the weather is usually quite nice, but sometimes it is a little cool and I always carry a light cardi for myself and my 2 kids.

  19. 1.15.15

    We need layers too in Perth Western Australia for the winter as it can very cold first thing and warmer later maybe high sixties though probably not 80 degrees that is hot for winter! Cute outfit just the sort of thing I like to wear!

  20. 1.15.15
    Mel said:
  21. 1.15.15

    Loved this post! Great job :)

  22. 1.15.15

    You are so adorable! Here in Nebraska it was -6 degrees two days ago…I just checked and we’re up to 49 Degrees! Haha good thing, because I didn’t even realize I left my coat at home until I got to class today ;)

    • 1.15.15

      I understand; my coats/umbrellas are always in the opposite place of where I need them. Stay warm!