#OOTD: Hot and Really Cold

{ Wearing: Olive & Oak sweater (m.marie); AE hi-rise skinny jeggings; Vince Camuto ‘Colby’ drawstring bag; SIMILAR leather loafers; Via Spiga wool coat (Hautelook) }

In case you’re wondering, that’s not lint on the front of my sweater; it’s sheet moss from a plant I delivered this afternoon (hashtag florist problems).

This morning, C and I left the house before the sun came up to do a downtown walking tour with some folks from city government. It was cold. Teeth-chattering, steam-breathing, can’t-write-the-notes-you’re-supposed-to-take-as-Main-Street-secretary (oops) icy.

By lunch, it was 70 degrees and I burned up in this sweater running deliveries all over town.

Florida, I don’t know what to do with you.

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  1. 2.2.15

    Reblogged this on "PLuSiZe" and commented:
    LoVe It!

  2. 2.1.15

    thats hysterical. yesterday vegas was like that too. we couldnt decide if we wanted the windows up or down when driving. it was like musical windows. down felt good for about 6 minutes and then up felt great until a few more minutes went by before the sun started toasting us to which the windows would creep back down again.

  3. 1.31.15

    Awesome look…it looks great on you.


  4. 1.31.15

    I desperately want that bag!

  5. 1.30.15

    Loving the look :)

  6. 1.30.15

    I know i sound like a broken record after what everyone has said but that bag is amazing,,,, love it <3

  7. 1.30.15
    Reba said:

    Love that bag!!

  8. 1.30.15

    Love this! Bag is fab.

  9. 1.30.15
    Rita Lobo said:

    that bag really is wonderful!


  10. 1.30.15

    Same thing happened to me in San Francisco, the weather app said it will be cold the whole day but then at 12nn – it was horrifyingly hot! I had to buy an overpriced shirt with San Francisco logo on it as I couldn’t bear the heat. :)

  11. 1.29.15
    Carolina E. said:

    I love your bag!!

  12. 1.29.15

    That is so cool that you are a florist! And your bag is adorable!

  13. 1.29.15
    Mel said: