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  1. 3.17.15
    Renee D. said:

    LOVE those shoes!! Are they comfy?


  2. 3.15.15

    Love the look!

  3. 3.11.15
    soKhadiie said:

    Ahh, that sweater!

  4. 3.1.15

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  5. 3.1.15

    This looks so comfy! I love cozy clothes that still look put together.
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  6. 2.26.15
    Tori said:

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  7. 2.24.15

    absolutely love this look, gorgeous on you x

  8. 2.23.15

    Such a pretty sweater ! Great outfit!

  9. 2.22.15
    Sour Girl said:

    Love this outfit, I’ll steal it ;) Check my site

  10. 2.20.15

    Love the look! It looks so comfortable and casual, but still adorable!

  11. 2.18.15
    Erin E. said:

    Perfect outfit! I’m still on the hunt for the perfect boyfriend jeans. (But I hate trying on clothes and I hate shopping, so maybe I need a more proactive strategy than waiting for them to fall from the heavens 😊)

    • 2.18.15

      I honestly think I’d rather shop for bathing suits than denim; and I hate shopping for bathing suits. I’ve had really good luck with relaxed fit straight jeans versus “boyfriend” styles. They’re more flattering on my curvy hips and I can usually find them with a higher rise (I’m all about the 9″ inseam these days ;)).

      • 2.18.15
        Erin E. said:

        Bathing suit shopping is easy – I just order online when Victoria’s Secret has a sale! I figure all bathing suits are equally unflattering, so no need to bother trying them on in person :) I’m the same with the inseam – no more low rise anything for this girl!

  12. 2.18.15

    Love your jeans!

  13. 2.18.15

    Gorgeous outfit, I love a good comfy sweater and those jeans <3 !!!

    Serene xoxo


  14. 2.18.15

    kinda craving starbucks with that photo now ^_^

  15. 2.18.15

    Love love love this outfit – you look relaxed and stunning x

  16. 2.18.15

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  17. 2.18.15

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  18. 2.18.15

    Super cute outfit! I love those jeans!! ✌️

  19. 2.17.15

    ADORE this look! Very cute indeed :)

  20. 2.17.15

    Love that sweater! Soft sweaters are what I live in during the winter!

  21. 2.17.15

    Pure effortlessly chic. Love everything 😊


  22. 2.17.15

    I love this look! X

  23. 2.17.15
    MK said:

    I know what you mean! I have an oh so cozy sweater that I absolutely adore!

  24. 2.17.15
    Madison said:

    love the outfit! looks cozy

  25. 2.17.15

    That sweater looks super comfy! :)

    Xo Paulina

  26. 2.17.15

    I like this outfit ! :)

  27. 2.17.15

    Love this outfit! so simple and effortlessly cute. I would definitely wear this:)

  28. 2.17.15
    Amy said:

    prefect winter outfit

  29. 2.17.15
    Carolina E. said:

    Love the watch and shoes !!

  30. 2.17.15
    hercraves said:

    Those shoes!!

  31. 2.17.15

    Love it! Looks so cozy!

  32. 2.17.15


  33. 2.17.15

    I love this sweater it is so adorable!!

  34. 2.17.15
    Mel said:

    Pretty sweater and love it with the jeans


  35. 2.17.15

    Love this outfit! So laid back and put together!

  36. 2.17.15

    You survived Valentine’s Day! Cheers to that!

  37. 2.17.15
    Elly said:

    Those look so cozy!