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*Knocks the dust and Girl Scout cookie crumbs off the keyboard.* 


Hey, guys!

It’s been a minute since I published a post. I’m giving myself a lot of grace with blogging these days (see: my post on ‘unplugging‘ back in October) because the flower shop keeps me super busy and I want to make sure to leave time for the important things in life. Like Netflix. ;)

Speaking of, I’m trying to get my husband on board with House of Cards by starting back at the beginning. If he doesn’t get enthusiastic about it in the next two days I’m moving on to season three without him. Do you know the amount of self control it takes to not watch new episodes? Gimme all the wife awards!

For serious though, I missed you guys and didn’t mean to take almost a month off. February flew by, and despite some semi-deep flesh wounds from all the rose thorns, I’m happy to report that my fifth Valentine’s Day in the flower biz passed pretty painlessly. I had big plans to vlog about the week and give you a behind-the-scenes look at the madness fun, but I dropped the ball. Maybe next year?

Now, here are a few of my favorite things from around the web last month:

Bratz dolls have always made me uncomfortable, but a creative lady from Australia is giving them a new lease on life with beautiful make-unders.

I loved Indiana/Elsewhere’s post about the new ‘norm’ of style and mommy blogging in which everyone seems to be ‘curating’ their lives into picture-perfect advertorials with the help of professional photographers, editorial calendars, and product placements. I miss the “old days” of style blogging. The 2010-2012 sweet spot of community: Kendi’s 30 for 30, Sydney’s Awkward and Awesome Thursdays, blogrolls that took up an entire sidebar, and cross-country clothes swaps.

Teni Panosian’s newest ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Tutorial video is my new go-to five minute face routine in the morning, with comparable products I have in my makeup stash. More on my latest beauty faves soon!


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  1. 3.10.15
    Britney said:

    you are just the cutest! i love all those doll make-unders as well!

    i just wanted to say that i really love your blog! and i’ve been poking around and love your diy’s! i seriously need to make some of those polka dot jeans!

  2. 3.4.15
    sydneygo said:

    Reblogged this on sydneygo.

  3. 3.4.15

    Reblogged this on Nostalgia.

  4. 3.3.15

    I can’t believe you’ve been so patient in watching House of Cards. You deserve to eat a whole box of girl scout cookies by yourself.

  5. 3.3.15
    Amie said:

    My mom’s a self-employed florist as well so I can understand the hustle! I came across your blog today and it’s so refreshing. I just started a style blog of my own and I’m definitely overwhelmed by what it is these days… Also, I hear you on House of Cards. I’ve yet to start season 3 and I’m not sure how much longer I can keep that going…

  6. 3.3.15
    Carolina E. said:

    Love your blog and missed you !!

  7. 3.3.15

    My boyfriend is obsessed with House of Cards! Thanks for the great links; that blog post about blogging (haha) looks super interesting. It is pretty weird to see what blogging has turned into. I remember when Lime Crime was just a website/makeup forum!!!

    • 3.3.15

      You should totally watch it with him; it’s a great show! Definitely check out the Indiana/Elsewhere post. It’s a great dose of perspective for all bloggers, and reminded me that we aren’t all perfect content machines.

  8. 3.3.15
    Elizabeth said:

    I miss the old days of blogging, as well (as far as reading them). Unfortunately, some of the early bloggers unintentionally paved the way for blogging to become a business by accepting sponsorships/advertising/swag, and blogs are mostly nothing more than an online magazine & advertisement now. I’m not saying I blame anyone for accepting compensation…blogging is hard work (I gave up on my photography blog a long time ago). I think that’s just the way it is now. I don’t enjoy most of the early blogs anymore because of this, and that is sad.

    HOWEVER, so glad to see you back! I have been enjoying your more simplified style lately.

    • 3.3.15

      Elizabeth, I agree with everything you said here. Especially the part about bloggers deserving to be compensated, should they choose to go the monetization route; creating good content every day is a lot of work. It’s just a totally different animal than it was when I started six years ago.

  9. 3.3.15

    Bratz dolls have always creeped me out…they’re a demonic looking.

    if you’re interested, there’s a link up going on over at my blog today- I’d love for you to share this post or any other you’d like!

    xoxo K

  10. 3.3.15

    I loved your comment about House of Cards… What a programme! Kevin Spacey has my pulse racing, surely your husband will be gripped after the first 3 episodes!
    In the next few days I plan to blog about the rise in popularity of American crime drama and the demise of sitcoms portraying the life for 20/30 year olds. All hail House of Cards, The Following, Elementary and White Collar!
    By the way, it must have been so romantic working in a flower shop over Valentine’s Day!

    • 3.3.15

      Isn’t he incredible?! I’m trying to convince my husband that it’s a slow start while they introduce all the characters and lay out the plot, but you’re so right, after 3 episodes you’re totally hooked! I haven’t watched The Following yet, but my Mom loved it. I’ll have to check out the other two you mentioned as well!

      • 3.3.15

        Perhaps I just need to get a life and stop watching Netflix!
        If you like the darker detective type ones True Detective is great… Some big names too!

  11. 3.3.15

    I’m happy that you’re back again, I missed your posts! My boyfriend is obsessed with House of Cards, I’m glad I don’t have caught the Cards fever yet ;) But I am looking forward to June and Orange Is The New Black’s third season :)

    • 3.3.15

      Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t wait for OTNB to come back. There will be absolutely no waiting to watch new episodes when it’s released; in fact I plan to clear my schedule for the weekend and stockpile some wine and snacks for the occasion. :)

      • 3.4.15

        Mark June, 12th in your calendar … there’s already a countdown going on OITNB fansites. Honestly, I will do the same! My roommates will have to worry about a slower internet connection, but I don’t care ;)

  12. 3.3.15

    Welcome back! Missed your posts!

  13. 3.3.15
    Bellelynx said:

    ‘curating’..that’s funny!but yes,i agree. i miss the old days too..not so old days.. :)

  14. 3.3.15

    I totally want to start House of Cards but am waiting for my husband to agree!!! hehe I know he is going to love it as well……I may just have to watch it myself if he doesn’t cooperate!!


    • 3.3.15

      Sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands, you know? ;) My husband doesn’t appreciate a good Netflix binge as much as I do, so I usually end up watching all the good shows by myself.

  15. 3.3.15

    As a new subscriber, I would say its unfair to your views to go mia without notice. I missed you already and this is my first time reading your blog. Your enthusiasm and sarcasm is what grasp my attention. Especially, the feud with your husband and your favorite show. My household literally has a war about Netflix, very relatable. Now I have time to stalk your previous blogs before yon with new ones :)

  16. 3.3.15
    mirnster said:

    Thank you for sharing the awesome links! Also, getting a green tea lemonade has now moved up to the top of my to do list tomorrow.

    • 3.3.15

      I can’t make it through the day without a venti iced green tea! :)

  17. 3.2.15
    itsmelori said:

    Once I fall too far behind on a show it’s sooooo hard to get enthusiastic about it, it feels kind of like I missed the train so why not just go somewhere else? lol Everyone says I need to get into House of Cards, and I guess I will, eventually…..

    • 3.3.15

      I’ll be honest, it’s kind of a slow start. (I’m trying to get my husband over the hump now). But it’s such a good show!

      • 3.3.15
        itsmelori said:

        Ah, good to know! How many episodes do you think it would take to get hooked?

  18. 3.2.15

    Wow. I’ve never heard of anyone giving dolls a make-under but I love it! Such a good and inspiring idea. Girls should definitely be able to play with dolls that look like them. So glad you shared that!

    • 3.3.15

      That video made me so happy the first time I saw it! I loved that the little girls were saying how much they loved that the dolls “look like me!” :)

  19. 3.2.15

    Glad to see you survived another Valentine’s season. 5?! Wow!
    I just started House of Cards this evening with my dad :)

  20. 3.2.15

    I am a new blogger and recently started following you. You did a really great job with your site and I loved reading your stuff :)… I can relate since I worked in a flower shop half of my life! We are currently living in Michigan and are looking into moving to Florida too! Anyways, enjoyed your site! See you around :) -Jessica

  21. 3.2.15

    really nice , follow me at tnx :)

  22. 3.2.15

    I do miss the good-old-days, but I hadn’t really started blogging back then, so I only look back in admiration, not by personal experience. I find it harder and harder to cultivate relationships via my blog. I actually find more connection via Instagram. Maybe it is a platform that a lot of people have, so it is easier to connect there, as opposed to logging in and commenting on a blog post. I just feel like everyone is pushing for stats, etc., and not doing it for the sake of purely expressing oneself? Am I getting a little too deep and soapbox-like? ;-) …on a happier note, it is nice to see a post from you. I am happy that you survived the month of February. It is always a crazy month for me at the restaurant. All I want to do is relax today (my day off, finally!), but I have a post to write (self-imposed deadline).
    Enjoy this week! I’m sure you are appreciating the decrease in workload. XO, Jayme

    • 3.3.15

      Girl, I’m right on that soapbox with you! :) And I agree, Instagram seems to be a good way to interact with readers and other bloggers. I think it’s because it’s so convenient having everything in one feed? Enjoy some downtime! I’m sure it will involve something delicious ;)

  23. 3.2.15
    Erin E. said:

    You’re back! We missed you :)

    Also, I’m jealous that you have Girl Scout cookies.

    • 3.3.15

      Well, I *had* Girl Scout cookies… they don’t last long around here ;)

      • 3.3.15
        Erin E. said:

        You must not have purchased enough then! Gotta stock up on those things haha

  24. 3.2.15
    Madeline said:

    I loved Indiana’s post too. I really don’t know where I fit into the new normal of lifestyle/style blogging. At the moment I just can’t dedicate anything to it. My job has becoming a career & a priority & I just don’t have time to curate everything I do, you know?

    Viva 2010 – those were the good days!

    • 3.3.15

      Oh Madeline, we are so rowing the same boat. Your blog is still one of my favorites for finding great style on a budget!

  25. 3.2.15

    You’re blog is so interesting to read..very relate-able :] Thanks for writing.

  26. 3.2.15

    ah girl scout cookies… my favorite! netflix is always a priority ;) looking fresh and fantastic