#OOTD: 90s vibes


Checked all the 90s normcore boxes yesterday: denim button-down; sweater tied around the waist; black jeans. Where my Keds at? 

Speaking of the 90s (greatest of all decades) C and I found a big box in the garage last night labeled “K’s Stuff” that was a treasure trove of my awkward adolescence. We’re talking diaries, photos developed from disposable cameras, middle school yearbooks, literary masterpieces I penned in elementary school, etc.

While I snort-laughed at my melodramatic diary entries, C found one of my early works of fiction: a short story about a girl named Alexandra that I’d formatted it into pages like a book, printed from the Macintosh in the school library, and illustrated.

C: “How old were you when you wrote this?”
K: “Third grade.”
C: “Wow, that’s really impressive. Where’s your grade? The teacher didn’t leave any notes…”
K: “Oh, I did it for fun!”
C: …

{Insert that ‘cool kids’ song right about here.}

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  1. Oh man, I used the have the most melodramatic of diaries and I also wrote short stories for fun. A few years ago, my mom was cleaning out my old room and I made her promise not to go through anything – just to sweep it all into the trash and be done!

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