#OOTD: 90s vibes


Checked all the 90s normcore boxes yesterday: denim button-down; sweater tied around the waist; black jeans. Where my Keds at? 

Speaking of the 90s (greatest of all decades) C and I found a big box in the garage last night labeled “K’s Stuff” that was a treasure trove of my awkward adolescence. We’re talking diaries, photos developed from disposable cameras, middle school yearbooks, literary masterpieces I penned in elementary school, etc.

While I snort-laughed at my melodramatic diary entries, C found one of my early works of fiction: a short story about a girl named Alexandra that I’d formatted it into pages like a book, printed from the Macintosh in the school library, and illustrated.

C: “How old were you when you wrote this?”
K: “Third grade.”
C: “Wow, that’s really impressive. Where’s your grade? The teacher didn’t leave any notes…”
K: “Oh, I did it for fun!”
C: …

{Insert that ‘cool kids’ song right about here.}

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  1. 3.16.15

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  2. 3.10.15
    izokoji said:

    Bag obsessed!
    Would love if you gave my blog a check

  3. 3.8.15

    Reblogged this on MADDIEDIDWHAT.

  4. 3.8.15

    I’m currently obsessed with chambray and black jeans, and I love the chic touch of the knit sweater!

  5. 3.8.15

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  6. 3.7.15

    Too cute. Love your post too <3

  7. 3.6.15

    Love your style! Follow my best friend and I’s blog! http://www.teacherswithpolish.com

  8. 3.6.15
    Erin E. said:

    Oh man, I used the have the most melodramatic of diaries and I also wrote short stories for fun. A few years ago, my mom was cleaning out my old room and I made her promise not to go through anything – just to sweep it all into the trash and be done!

  9. 3.5.15
    nweir89 said:

    loving the look, literally just posted about Alexa Chung style and you are rocking very similar.

  10. 3.5.15
    Heidi said:

    This is AWESOME, Kira :)

    • 3.5.15
      Heidi said:

      #TBT to the days when I don’t know how to spell?? So sorry Keira, I think I’m losing it..

  11. 3.5.15
    KatWalkSF said:

    Love our 90s vibes and it is always fun to go down memory lane!

  12. 3.5.15
    YNM Flair said:

    Sounds like me I was the girl in high school who always carried a book where ever I went.

  13. 3.5.15

    Love! ❤️

  14. 3.4.15

    Love this post! Need to see pics of your masterpiece though lol

  15. 3.4.15
    itsmelori said:

    Lol self publishing the old school way! Love it

  16. 3.4.15

    Love the outfit and post!

  17. 3.4.15
    flysocialite said:

    ‘Where my Keds’ at’ Love that……..!

  18. 3.4.15

    I love a little 90s throwback. The other day I found my super special Lisa Frank pencils that I treasured which by the way needs to make a come back at Target.

  19. 3.4.15

    Ditto on the bag… super cute!!

  20. 3.4.15
    cynvoy said:

    I love your bag! So cute. & simple.