Found: the perfect bucket bag for spring!

I was on a mission to find a bright leather “everyday” bag/tote to haul my junk essentials this spring/summer…

Mission: accomplished.

Last year, I really wanted to get my paws on a Mansur Gavriel leather bucket bag. Everyone else did, too; retailers couldn’t keep them in stock and they were almost impossible to find, unless you were willing to cough up twice the retail price on eBay.

The Kenneth Cole ‘Dover Street’ drawstring bag in bright coral saffiano leather is a good dupe, at almost half the price. Even better: I found it on Hautelook for 40% off.

{Sidebar: are you guys interested in “What’s In My Bag” posts? I love reading them — they’re a great way to discover new products — but I’ve never done one myself. Let me know if you’re into it!}


What Do You Think?

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  1. The color of this bag is amazing! I found a great brown leather one on sale at Banana Republic, but now I definitely need a coral one..

    Posted 3.27.15 Reply
  2. OBSESSED with the bag! Love it!!!

    Posted 3.22.15 Reply
  3. Mk wrote:

    Awesome bag

    Posted 3.21.15 Reply
  4. midgxt wrote:

    This bag is gorgeous, I love love LOVE the colour, it’s perfect for spring! I recently just started my own blog, TheNotQuiteNerdyLife, and if you’d like you could come on over and check it out :) x

    Posted 3.18.15 Reply
  5. Omg omg this is so pretty 😍😍😍😍 the color and the fabric looks great 😎 BTW do drop by I have collaborated with Maybelline and have done a look with it 😁

    Posted 3.16.15 Reply
  6. I love your bag is so perfect for spring!!

    Posted 3.16.15 Reply
  7. Into it!

    Posted 3.13.15 Reply
  8. Jaydee wrote:

    I’m in love with that bag

    Posted 3.12.15 Reply
  9. love that colour !!!!!!!
    very summerishh

    Posted 3.11.15 Reply
  10. fawn wrote:

    I love the color on that bag!

    Posted 3.11.15 Reply
  11. I’m totaly crazy about the bag !

    Posted 3.11.15 Reply
  12. Whats in my bag post…. yes please…. ☺

    Posted 3.11.15 Reply
  13. I love this bag! It’s so pretty!

    Posted 3.10.15 Reply
  14. I love bucket bags, The only thing that I would want in my bucket bag is if it was full of pockets and have a long strap.

    Posted 3.10.15 Reply
  15. 1. Great Bag!
    2. Are bucket bags a pain to get things in and out of? I have been eyeing a Fossil one and am skeptical.
    3. Yes, yes yes to “what’s in my bag” posts! I love all of your beauty/skin advice, so I am sure your bag is full of great finds.

    Posted 3.10.15 Reply
  16. Yes! Love the idea of “What’s in my bag”

    Thinking about doing that myself :)

    Posted 3.10.15 Reply
  17. k0oko wrote:


    Posted 3.10.15 Reply
  18. Anne-Marie wrote:

    Love bucket bags! I splurged and bought a fringed prada one. I was at my grandma’s house and found that she has a vintage louis vuitton bucket bag! In mint condition! I told her she better get it out and wear it or give it to me :)

    Posted 3.10.15 Reply
  19. Style-Lee wrote:

    Perfect, love the color.

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  20. SUPER cute!! What a great find! bravo!

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  21. Such a cute bag! And yes! Do a what’s in my bag post! Those are my favorites and I’ve been thinking of doing one myself! <3

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  22. ivyphan217 wrote:

    wow, count me in, it’s stunning!

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  23. julllla wrote:

    Ahhh this bag is so beautiful! I’ve been itching to get a bucket bag all winter! xxx

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  24. Very cute bag, I like your style! Would be perfect for me as a mid-season bag (as autumn is coming here soon in Australia). I like that it brings a lively colour touch in my wardrobe… especially when it is getting cold and we have a tendency to wear brown, grey and black ;) somehow it reminds me of the leaves in the trees or on my path when it is windy! This bag will warm you up! It is like carrying a little piece of sunshine on your shoulder ;)

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  25. iamj0ann wrote:

    This was very helpful. Im obsessed with bags and I need a new one once it gets warmer. Thanks

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  26. criscarrillo wrote:

    Lovely 💜

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  27. Wow, the colour is definitely SPRING!
    Love it :)

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  28. That bag is absolutely gorgeous! I love the color, its perfect for spring :)

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  29. Great purchase! Do they have any other colors?? I live for neutral shades!

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  30. I love the colour. :) I m such a sucker for Orange :)
    Great post :)

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  31. Super cute color! That is going to be great for Spring! Also, I enjoy “What’s in my bag” posts. I think they are interesting.

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  32. 20dj10 wrote:

    The what’s in my bag sounds fun. I love the color of your new bag!!

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  33. Would love to read a what’s in my bag! And that bag is fabulous!! xx

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  34. Elizabeth wrote:

    Such a bright and beautiful tote! All this drawstring business takes me back to the days when those Dooney ones were all the rage, ha! Would love to see a ‘what’s in my bag’!

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  35. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    How about you! Love that orange bag! Don’t you look spiffy! Sure am ready for Spring.


    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  36. Love the colour, perfect for spring!

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  37. perfect for summer and the colour is awesome and very trendy!

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  38. This bag is so nice ! It´s a perfect colour to say hello to #spring !
    xxx white|traste :)

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  39. Love the bag! I’ve been on the wait list for the mansur one for months, psyched to see a fantastic alternative!

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  40. Carolina E. wrote:

    Love the bag and that I know you will enjoy Spring & Summer!!

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  41. Such a cute bag!

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  42. YNM Flair wrote:

    Too cute!

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  43. annaethain wrote:

    Great bag! And I would love to know what is in it :)

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  44. What a fab colour !! Some serious bucketbag-envy xx

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  45. That bag is absolutely gorgeous! I love it :)

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  46. Tell me more about the “What’s In My Bag” posts?
    Also, I love the bag! The colour is stunning!

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply
  47. I’m in

    Posted 3.9.15 Reply


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