Crowning Glory: Freshly Lobbed


After well over a year of talking about it — and talking myself out of it — I finally put on my big girl pants and got lobbed last week. {Nothing like waiting until a trend is almost dead to jump on board, amiright?}

Two years ago, I turned my hair an unfortunate shade of orange with a permanent “light brown” boxed dye I bought at the drugstore.

A note for my brunette friends, taken from advice my stylist, April, gave me when I showed up in her chair with a brass-tastic hair color emergency in the spring of 2013: if you can’t resist the siren song of the home hair color aisle, stick to formulas that wash out with 28 shampoos, and/or always go a shade darker than your natural color; otherwise the peroxide in the dye will lift your brown and leave you orange.

April did her best to professionally camouflage my mess-up with heavy highlights, which I slowly grew out into a pseudo-ombre because I can’t be bothered with the maintenance of full highlights. After two years of growth, I was finally comfortable enough with my natural length to cut off the majority of the processed hair…

Fast-forward to last Thursday: April razor-cut nearly 10 inches from the back of my head and about 7 from the front. {Insert wide-eyed emoji} She textured the asymmetrical cut with soft wispy ends and layers that are super easy to style into messy waves or a sleek straight lob.

Here’s a run-down of my new routine:

52 thoughts on “Crowning Glory: Freshly Lobbed

  1. I think you look great. As long as a style fits you its never too late to do it. Pretty much the same thing happened to me, so I cut in in a lob and now that its long again Im thinking about doing a thinning cut. Anyway, thanks for the beauty tips! I like your stuff, Im going to follow you :)


  2. wow! It looks great on you! I am in love with shorter hair! I think it’s so fresh and chic! Great choice!


  3. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    Next hairstyle? I’ve always been the kind to stick to one simple hairstyle and work around it but this definitely draws my attention to finally go for a full makeover!

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  4. I have actually done something like that before…I’m talking about the orange dye job. I was in high school and had bleached my hair for the summer. When school was getting back in session, I did not want it bleach blonde anymore, I wanted my normal dirty blonde again. Well I took it upon myself to box dye my hair with a dark brown because I thought it would just end up blonde anyway….WRONG. I spent my sophomore year in high school with, I kid you not, GRAY hair! But, I do like that cut a lot, I might just do it.

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  5. Looks fab I had mine cut a few months ago and had loads of layers in it – now mine looks too thin ha-ha yours looks fab x


    1. I try to avoid too many layers because I’ve had this same problem before! I actually had a stylist go at my bob with thinning shears once, and it was awful! If you go short again, just do one-length and have them texturize the ends instead of adding in layers.


  6. Your hair looks great! I got a perm about half a year ago because I had super long hair and figured it would be pretty! The girl did a crap job, came out so fast and now I just have dead ends! I’m hopping to get it cut soon so I can have healthy hair again!

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    1. Girl, I have BEEN. THERE. I decided to perm my medium length hair my freshman year of college. I was going for Victoria’s Secret hair (naturally) and wanted more of a body wave, but the lady put tiny rollers and I ended up with seriously fried “piggyback” perm on about two-thirds of my hair and sizzled breakage on the rest. I’m getting anxious just typing about it, ha!

      I used Biolage Conditioning Balm as conditioner to help with the dryness until I could grow it out enough to cut it.


  7. I did the exact same thing to my brown hair… turned it absolutely bright orange. Thankfully it DID fade and wash out some… but I felt like Anne (of Green Gables), crying over my hair.
    Loving the lob! It’s never too late to embrace something if it looks good on you, right?

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  8. Kiera, you look amazing! Is this back to your natural color? It’s absolutely stunning on you. I just took the plunge and lobbed off about 9 inches as well and I’m loving it (though I wish I had your color).

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  9. Your hair looks beautiful! I am loving the pseudo-ombre thing going on, and it just looks so multi-dimensional with the waviness as well! :)
    I’m looking for a texturising spray as well. Which would you recommend?


  10. Love the new style! So fresh! I actually cut 4 inches off yesterday, and it feels AMAZING. I was trying to grow it out, but I just can’t do it. I just need to deal with the fact that my hair needs to be about the shoulder or shorter. I remember when you had super short hair back in the day!


  11. LOVE this length.

    beware of using products with silicone when you use a sulfate-free shampoo. sulfate-free shampoos can’t wash the silicones out the same way, so you need to be sure to add in a clarifying shampoo once a week or so.

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