Crowning Glory: Freshly Lobbed


After well over a year of talking about it — and talking myself out of it — I finally put on my big girl pants and got lobbed last week. {Nothing like waiting until a trend is almost dead to jump on board, amiright?}

Two years ago, I turned my hair an unfortunate shade of orange with a permanent “light brown” boxed dye I bought at the drugstore.

A note for my brunette friends, taken from advice my stylist, April, gave me when I showed up in her chair with a brass-tastic hair color emergency in the spring of 2013: if you can’t resist the siren song of the home hair color aisle, stick to formulas that wash out with 28 shampoos, and/or always go a shade darker than your natural color; otherwise the peroxide in the dye will lift your brown and leave you orange.

April did her best to professionally camouflage my mess-up with heavy highlights, which I slowly grew out into a pseudo-ombre because I can’t be bothered with the maintenance of full highlights. After two years of growth, I was finally comfortable enough with my natural length to cut off the majority of the processed hair…

Fast-forward to last Thursday: April razor-cut nearly 10 inches from the back of my head and about 7 from the front. {Insert wide-eyed emoji} She textured the asymmetrical cut with soft wispy ends and layers that are super easy to style into messy waves or a sleek straight lob.

Here’s a run-down of my new routine:

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  1. 5.27.15

    I cut mine off too. I like it short so much better! I love your wavy look!

  2. 4.30.15

    I think you look great. As long as a style fits you its never too late to do it. Pretty much the same thing happened to me, so I cut in in a lob and now that its long again Im thinking about doing a thinning cut. Anyway, thanks for the beauty tips! I like your stuff, Im going to follow you :)

  3. 4.9.15
    Margaret said:

    wow! It looks great on you! I am in love with shorter hair! I think it’s so fresh and chic! Great choice!

  4. 3.30.15
    valeried7 said:

    Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    Next hairstyle? I’ve always been the kind to stick to one simple hairstyle and work around it but this definitely draws my attention to finally go for a full makeover!

  5. 3.26.15

    Just chopped mine in December and I am still not over how adorable it is!! And you are majorly pulling it off!!

  6. 3.26.15

    YAS! The lob looks great on you! It’s such a classic look.

  7. 3.25.15
    TamiMc said:

    The hair looks Beautiful!!

  8. 3.25.15

    I love your cut! I just did an asymmetrical super short cut yesterday. I was trying to grow my hair out, and I fail each time that I make that attempt. You look great! :-)

  9. 3.25.15

    I have actually done something like that before…I’m talking about the orange dye job. I was in high school and had bleached my hair for the summer. When school was getting back in session, I did not want it bleach blonde anymore, I wanted my normal dirty blonde again. Well I took it upon myself to box dye my hair with a dark brown because I thought it would just end up blonde anyway….WRONG. I spent my sophomore year in high school with, I kid you not, GRAY hair! But, I do like that cut a lot, I might just do it.

  10. 3.25.15

    Looks fab I had mine cut a few months ago and had loads of layers in it – now mine looks too thin ha-ha yours looks fab x

    • 4.2.15

      I try to avoid too many layers because I’ve had this same problem before! I actually had a stylist go at my bob with thinning shears once, and it was awful! If you go short again, just do one-length and have them texturize the ends instead of adding in layers.

  11. 3.24.15

    Your hair looks great! I got a perm about half a year ago because I had super long hair and figured it would be pretty! The girl did a crap job, came out so fast and now I just have dead ends! I’m hopping to get it cut soon so I can have healthy hair again!

    • 4.2.15

      Girl, I have BEEN. THERE. I decided to perm my medium length hair my freshman year of college. I was going for Victoria’s Secret hair (naturally) and wanted more of a body wave, but the lady put tiny rollers and I ended up with seriously fried “piggyback” perm on about two-thirds of my hair and sizzled breakage on the rest. I’m getting anxious just typing about it, ha!

      I used Biolage Conditioning Balm as conditioner to help with the dryness until I could grow it out enough to cut it.

      • 4.2.15

        I know right?!?! We just want huge body and curls! Is it so hard?!!!? I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience! At least we learned our lesson!

  12. 3.24.15
    WAiSTEDD said:

    So chic!!

  13. 3.24.15

    Looks dope. Can’t believe how long it took. We commend females for their grooming habits, but boy are we glad we’re boys.

  14. 3.24.15
    Deborah said:

    I did the exact same thing to my brown hair… turned it absolutely bright orange. Thankfully it DID fade and wash out some… but I felt like Anne (of Green Gables), crying over my hair.
    Loving the lob! It’s never too late to embrace something if it looks good on you, right?

  15. 3.23.15
    Eseeri said:

    Looks great!

  16. 3.23.15
    Carolina E. said:

    Look forward to reading and leaning of the interesting things that you have on your blog!

  17. 3.23.15

    gorgeous!! I got mine chopped as well…a little shorter than yours! me here
    it feels good!!

    • 4.2.15

      LOVE it!! Yours is a bit shorter than mine, and I already have the itch to take off another inch or two.

  18. 3.23.15
    Emmy Kate said:

    Kiera, you look amazing! Is this back to your natural color? It’s absolutely stunning on you. I just took the plunge and lobbed off about 9 inches as well and I’m loving it (though I wish I had your color).

    • 4.2.15

      Thank you!! This is my natural color, except for the bottom few inches that still have some leftover highlights.

  19. 3.23.15
    Kate B. said:

    It looks great! I love the long bob look, especially on hair with a bit of wave. I love texture master from Kevin Murphy as a texturizing spray –

    • 4.2.15

      Thank you for the recommendation!! Definitely going to check out the Kevin Murphy spray!

  20. 3.23.15
    Jay Ong said:

    Your hair looks beautiful! I am loving the pseudo-ombre thing going on, and it just looks so multi-dimensional with the waviness as well! :)
    I’m looking for a texturising spray as well. Which would you recommend?

  21. 3.23.15
    Amanda said:


  22. 3.23.15

    Gorgeous Cut and Color!

  23. 3.23.15

    nice look <3

  24. 3.23.15
    Angela said:

    It looks fab xx

  25. 3.23.15
    fawn said:

    Your hair looks lovely! I love the rich brown color!

  26. 3.23.15

    Love it!

  27. 3.23.15

    Love the hair!!!

  28. 3.23.15

    I wish I had the courage to cut my hair that short. It looks amazing!

  29. 3.23.15
    M'slife said:

    I love the color, does it have a light ombre effect to it? :)

  30. 3.23.15
    Elizabeth said:

    Love the new style! So fresh! I actually cut 4 inches off yesterday, and it feels AMAZING. I was trying to grow it out, but I just can’t do it. I just need to deal with the fact that my hair needs to be about the shoulder or shorter. I remember when you had super short hair back in the day!

  31. 3.23.15
    Britney said:

    It looks great!! I bet your head feels a zillion times lighter!

  32. 3.23.15


  33. 3.23.15
    TokenTee said:

    Looks great!!

  34. 3.23.15

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  35. 3.23.15

    AHH! I love it!!

  36. 3.23.15
    Alex said:

    LOVE this length.

    beware of using products with silicone when you use a sulfate-free shampoo. sulfate-free shampoos can’t wash the silicones out the same way, so you need to be sure to add in a clarifying shampoo once a week or so.

    • 3.23.15

      Thank you for this tip, I didn’t know that about silicone! I’ve had the hardest time finding a good clarifying shampoo. Do you have one you recommend?

  37. 3.23.15

    looks lovely so nice

  38. 3.23.15

    love it, looks great!