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  1. 4.2.15

    I love this outfit. Perfect for every day. I especially love the deep blue color of the blouse.

  2. 4.1.15

    La pochette léopard <3 *in love*

  3. 4.1.15
    blvckbee said:

    Love the bucket bag!

    Agnes x


  4. 4.1.15

    That bag gives the outfit a beautiful bold burst of colour. Everything works so well, and oh, I wish we had Old Navy in Australia!

  5. 3.31.15

    Very cute

  6. 3.31.15

    I also love the colour of that bag!

  7. 3.31.15

    such a nice Look and the colour of your bag is really nice !

  8. 3.31.15
    Amy said:
  9. 3.31.15

    Love your printed ipad case. so cute!!


  10. 3.31.15
    Alexa said:

    I love the bag too! Super cute!

  11. 3.31.15
    Marley said:

    So I love everything about this look, but what really caught my eye was the colour of your bag – oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous.