#OOTD: Coral Scallops, Pt. 2


I’m not one to throw around the word ‘obsessed,’ (some bloggers do that enough for all of us) but I’m not sure how else to describe my recent behavior with coral…

It started with a bucket bag; then a cute scalloped tank; and now I just want to buy-all-the-things!!

Also, I know it looks like I weirdly photoshopped my legs up there, but it’s just an impressively low-res iPhone shot that I scrawled some notes on with my new favorite app, Noteshelf.

Nothing but the finest photography on the ol’ outfit blog these days, but hey, we’re still chuggin’! ;)

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  1. 4.6.15

    Trying to download Noteshelf because that font is adorable – the link isn’t working on my phone and I can’t find it! It’s definitely an iPhone app? Please help an apparently tech challenged girl…

  2. 4.2.15

    Love the coral scalloped shorts.

  3. 4.2.15

    I love those shorts! T.J Maxx does it again.

  4. 4.2.15
    Lauren Schwenk said:

    I *need* those shorts! Aaaaand a trip to TJ Max apparently.

  5. 4.2.15
    sarapas4 said:

    I love this color! And I absoluteley love the look! Very classy, but it looks still comfy (one of my main concerns!) :)

    • 4.2.15

      My main mission when dressing myself, Sara! Thank you!!

  6. 4.1.15
    TokenTee said:

    Great color and ensemble!

  7. 4.1.15
    Erin E. said:

    I lurrrrve coral! I’m a redhead, so I have to be careful with shades, but I can always rock it on my nails. OPI’s Toucan Do It If You Try is my jam!

    • 4.2.15

      Well now I need to find this nail polish… I lived in ‘Cajun Shrimp’ for like, four years!

      • 4.2.15
        Erin E. said:

        Cajun Shrimp is a classic and was definitely my summer go-to (that and My Chihuahua Bites – who comes up with these names anyway?) before I found Toucan. Also check out “Kiss Me I’m Brazilian”! I’m wearing it now because neon makes me happy.

  8. 4.1.15

    Great shorts! I love the color blocking and simplicity :)

  9. 4.1.15
    Marley said:

    Those shorts are too cute!


  10. 4.1.15
    Dāsha said:

    I’m really into scalloped handbags right now and thanks to you now I’m in the market for scalloped shorts. Thanks for sharing.

    • 4.2.15

      Scalloped handbags! Add that to the list of ‘Things I Didn’t Know I Need But Totally Need.” ;)

      • 4.2.15
        Dāsha said:

        Lol…ikr. There are always more cute things to buy.

  11. 4.1.15

    Looks great. Coral is perfect for this time of year to begin the springtime brights!! Those shorts are so great for this time of year.


  12. 4.1.15
    Angela said:

    I went coral crazy last spring summer, such a gorgeous look! Wish it was warm enough to wear shorts here xo

  13. 4.1.15

    I really like these outfit posts you’ve been doing lately. What a great T.J. Maxx find those shorts are!

    • 4.2.15

      A T.J. Maxx just opened in our town, and it’s the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to me! ;-)

  14. 4.1.15
    Mel said:

    Love these shorts! From the color to the scallops, so cute


  15. 4.1.15
    Elizabeth said:

    I’m glad you are still posting! I don’t really care about fancy photos all that much. I just want to see the cute outfits and such!