#OOTD: Lace Shorts

I can’t resist white lace shorts in the spring. I know I’m going to drip chocolate ice cream or ketchup on them by the third wear, but I see them on the rack and I just need them.

Like a clumsy spill-prone moth to a flame.

This pair is Cynthia Rowley from T.J. Maxx, but these eyelet lace shorts from LOFT are a super cute, too!

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  1. 4.26.15

    Love lace shorts!

  2. 4.20.15

    Eek! Love this!!

  3. 4.17.15

    I love your outfit and your clutch is amazing!

  4. 4.15.15

    Great outfit! <3 I love the colors!


  5. 4.13.15

    Fabulous shorts! So hard finding shorts that are work/internship friendly without looking awkward. These are so cute!

  6. 4.12.15
    DIY April said:

    I love them. Only white wine for you girlie.

  7. 4.10.15

    Love :) Need to invest in a nice white pair for the warmer summer weather :)

  8. 4.10.15

    These look beautiful on you! <3

  9. 4.10.15

    These look beautiful on you! <3

  10. 4.10.15

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! The details are over at my blog and you’ll find the questions right at the end!


  11. 4.9.15
    Carolina E. said:

    Like the white lace shorts !!

  12. 4.9.15

    I completely endorse your purchase 💯%!

  13. 4.9.15

    Reblogged this on claireelisabeth and commented:
    They are so…I suppose fresh is the word. There’s something so sweet about white lace shorts that just present a new beginning or innocence (whether you are innocent or not…after all, they are shorts, and there are no rules in the hem length) :)

  14. 4.9.15


  15. 4.8.15

    I love those white lace shorts. I’ve been considering investing in some lace shorts as they look so lovely.

    Diary of Elegance

  16. 4.8.15

    I love this outfit!!

  17. 4.8.15

    Cómo se nota que ya empieza ha ahcer calor! Me encanta to ootd! ;)

  18. 4.8.15
    J said:

    So adorable! Xx

  19. 4.8.15

    ohhh I love the shorts! :)

  20. 4.8.15
    Alexa said:

    I love these!!

  21. 4.8.15


  22. 4.8.15
    Liz said:

    So cute!

  23. 4.8.15

    Loving these shorts so cute!! So worth risking! :)

  24. 4.8.15

    Reblogged this on todaysdiywoman.