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  1. 4.18.15
    markam said:

    Beautiful outfit <3


  2. 4.17.15

    Loving the details of this outfit, like the watch and two toned sunglasses! The sunnies look great on you, by the way! :)

  3. 4.16.15
    cefashion said:

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  4. 4.15.15
    cefashion said:

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  5. 4.15.15

    Love the glasses and cheetah print combo! So cute!

  6. 4.15.15

    Love your outfit!

  7. 4.14.15

    I’m not crazy about prints but I adore neutrals! This look is too cute


  8. 4.13.15
    suezanne said:

    Love as usual:) But would love to see full pic of the shoes. They look very cute.

  9. 4.13.15
    ashdar84 said:

    big puffs

  10. 4.13.15
    Carolina E. said:

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  11. 4.13.15
    Amy said:
  12. 4.13.15

    Where is your shirt from?