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  1. rchennette wrote:

    Love it! Where is the bag from?

    Posted 6.9.15 Reply
  2. Love love love the shorts👌🏻

    Posted 5.30.15 Reply
  3. Shruti wrote:

    Your outfits are amazing! :)

    Posted 5.26.15 Reply
  4. blvckbee wrote:

    Love the bag!

    Agnes x


    Posted 5.20.15 Reply
  5. Michela wrote:

    Love the bag!

    Posted 5.18.15 Reply
  6. Love your blog

    Posted 5.18.15 Reply
  7. pretty

    Posted 5.16.15 Reply
  8. Posted 5.15.15 Reply
  9. This outfit is so nice, where did you buy the shorts?


    Posted 5.15.15 Reply
  10. Super cute!

    Posted 5.14.15 Reply
  11. Elisabeth wrote:

    Love your look. I love those shorts.

    Diary of Elegance

    Posted 5.14.15 Reply
  12. Amy wrote:

    your shorts look super comfortable


    Posted 5.14.15 Reply
  13. Abigail wrote:

    Cute, but comfy! I like it!


    Posted 5.14.15 Reply
  14. I really like the bag! and i love the way the outfit is quite simple, but the bag is a highlight =)

    Posted 5.14.15 Reply
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    Posted 5.14.15 Reply
  16. Love the whole look, and that bag… I need that bag! Love the color and the utilitarian size.

    Posted 5.14.15 Reply
  17. Love that bag!

    Posted 5.14.15 Reply
  18. Cute! Nice splash of color!

    Posted 5.14.15 Reply
  19. hr745 wrote:


    Posted 5.13.15 Reply