My Favorite Everyday Lippies Under $30


LORAC Alter Ego Lipstick in ‘Duchess’ ($16) – If you’re into that 90’s throwback mauve nude that the Kardashians made trendy again, this is a good one. It’s a matte cream lipstick that can accentuate dryness and flakes, so I make sure my lips are exfoliated and use a clear lip balm before applying.

Clinique Chubby Stick in ‘Chunky Cherry’ ($17) – I used this moisturizing sheer red crayon almost every day last summer. It fell out of my purse and I ran it over with my car, and still tried to use it; the devotion was intense (and borderline crazy?). My girlfriend replaced it for me for my birthday, so it’s happily back in regular rotation. I wish Clinique would add SPF to the formula!

Butter London Lippy Tinted Balm in ‘ Abbey Rose’ and ‘Teddy Boy’ ($20) – This is kind of like ‘diet’ lipstick; it goes on easily like a balm, but has the finish of a subtle lipstick. The high-pigmented formula tints your lips with color that lasts well after the product wears off.

Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Lip Gloss in ‘Strawberry’ ($22) – I’m not much of a lip gloss girl — I hate products that feel goopy or tacky (ugh, and when your hair sticks to your lips?!)  — but after a long trial-and-error search for a good shiny ‘baby pink’ gloss, this was the best. It’s made with real fruit (antioxidants!) and nourishing oils with high-pigment color. Bonus: it tastes like strawberries, so it’s like a grown-up version of my old LipSmackers.

Fresh Lip Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment SPF 15 ($22.50) – I know it seems crazy to drop this much lettuce on a lip balm, but it’s just the greatest. It’s my favorite for days in the sun, because it has built-in sun protection and a sheer rosy color that’s really pretty on its own, with or without makeup.

Tarte LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint ($24) – This is the newest addition to my favorites list. I love a lip crayon, and this one is super moisturizing and adjusts to your skin’s chemistry for a personalized, ‘your lips but better’ pink that lasts and lasts. I haven’t tried the Dior Addict Lip Glow, but reviewers say this natural lip tint is a good dupe. It’s a limited edition product, so I’m seriously considering picking up an extra tube or two for the stockpile.

Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick in ‘Heather’ ($28) – I love all of Bite Beauty’s products, and the Butter Cream line offers a range of flattering nudes and neutrals for every skin tone in moisturizing hand-cut bullets. It’s the most expensive of the lineup, but I probably wear this product more than anything else lately.

A Pretty Penny Favorite Everyday Lip Products Under Thirty Dollars
(Left to Right: LORAC Alter Ego Lipstick in Duchess, Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry, Bite Beauty Lush Fruit Gloss in Strawberry, Butter London Lippy Tinted Balm in Abbey Rose and Teddy Boy, Fresh Rose Lip Sugar, Tarte LipSurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint, Bite Beauty Butter Cream Lipstick in Heather.)

30 thoughts on “My Favorite Everyday Lippies Under $30

  1. This is a fantastic post! I’m a total lipstick junkie, so this was right up my street! I’d love it if you’d pop over to my blog and check out some of my posts and possibly follow me?
    Also, because I love this post and your blog in general I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award! To find out what you have to do head over to my blog and read my most recent post for instructions!! xo


  2. I love the light pinks for spring and summer! I am more of a red lipped girl in fall and winter but pink for the warmer months for sure!


  3. So funny that you wrote this because I JUST bought the Bite Beauty Heathers lippie on Thursday after seeing it on your Ramirez Tran post. It looked so cute on you that I took a screen shot of it and picked up right away! I was about to go comment again on that post today to thank you for noting the name of it because I love it! Now I’ll have to keep this list in mind next time I’m browsing around the makeup aisles. About a month ago I got the Dior Lip Glow and I do love it although I’m not sure it warrants the price. The packaging is amazing and so luxe and I love that I can quickly apply without a mirror for a bit of color but it’s not nearly as moisturizing as I imagined.


  4. That above comment was for >What I’ve Learned as a Florist< blog post! LOL! Sorry!
    This lipgloss review post was also great!

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  5. SO TRUE!
    I always have to smirk and giggle a bit when people tell me how relaxing my job sounds! Juggling the phone, while making designs, and helping out in-store customers is quite a handful!
    Don’t even get me started on how it is when Valentines Day rolls around!
    (Sorry if I just gave you PTSD with the V-word)…

    However, there are moments while making something truly magnificent, you realize why you put up with all of the craziness! For the love of flowers and to make someone smile!
    Taking some stems home at the end of the day is also a nice perk. ;)

    Love and luck from one florist to another,

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