This and That

A Pretty Penny Zara Leather Mini Messenger Bag
{ LOVE this leather mini messenger from Zara! }


Summer’s pretty much upon us in Florida, and it’s my favorite time of year. I really enjoyed Hands Free Mama’s post about unplugging to make simple lasting memories with your loved ones during the season.

On a recent trip to TJ Maxx, a pair of palm print cropped chinos got me all introspective about my ‘style journey’ over the last several years. 2012 Keira would’ve bought them without hesitation — they were cute and inexpensive, and all the other bloggers are wearing palm prints for spring/summer — but 30 year old ‘practical’ Keira reasoned that I’d likely only wear them once and the $25 was better off in my wallet. I’m totally growing up, you guys! ;) (See also: My Grown-Lady Shopping Rules.)

Maybe I can indulge in the palm print trend with a cute swimsuit? Like this one-piece from Forever 21.

To all the fellow day planner addicts in the place: I loved my original Day Designer last year, but it was nearing the last month and I wanted something a bit more portable. This time I opted for the ‘Today & To-Do mini planner; she’s like the Day Designer’s little sister with over 300 non-dated daily planning pages, each featuring the signature schedule/to-do list combo. I think I may actually prefer it to the original!

Who What Wear says every girl in NYC is wearing this Zara crop top and high-waisted cropped pant combo. I wish they made it in every color; it just looks so chic and easy!

Ingrid Nilsen has some easy ideas for staying cool this summer with a few easy drink recipes. I need to get my hands on a giant ice cube try, STAT.

38 thoughts on “This and That

  1. I loved Ingrid’s vid as well! Definitely need some of those drinks in my life. If you whip one up, give me a sip? ;) Loved this post!


  2. Love the color of that bag! And I got a giant ice cube tray for my father-in-law last year and it is awesome…totally extends the ice cube’s lifespan and keeps your drinks from getting watered down!


  3. There’s that adorable purse again. I love the reference to your younger self, way to stick to your shopping rules. I gave in to the palm print trend and bought an Old Navy palm print cover-up yesterday on mega sale.


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