100 Years of American Fashion in 90 Seconds

I love this video of 100 Years of American fashion in under 2 minutes!

My favorites are the 20s, 30s, and 70s. Things got weird in the 80s, and then just cringe-worthy in the early aughts. Raise your hand if you had a closet full of polyester lingerie camis and coordinating shrugs. [Head down, hand up.]

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  1. 7.18.15

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  2. 7.13.15

    I love these!!!

  3. 7.3.15

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    Une vidéo que j’ai adoré et que je souhaites partager. On y découvre 1 siècle de mode en moins de trois minutes.

  4. 6.23.15

    Love this video so well done and funny too. Remember so many! Will share on my face book page. It’s fab.
    Thank you.

  5. 6.23.15
    ladibekky said:

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  6. 6.13.15

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  7. 6.9.15

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    Talk about Changing Your Clothes! It’s interesting that all these looks are from the middle of each decade– I find the biggest fashion changes tend to happen near the ends.

  8. 6.8.15

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  9. 6.8.15

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  10. 6.7.15
    Erin E. said:

    I love the 40s and 50s outfits the best! I think that’s half of the reason why I love Alfred Hitchcock movies so much; the ladies are always fabulously styled. And of course, the 2015 outfit made my heart go pitter-patter too :)

  11. 6.7.15

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  12. 6.7.15

    I liked the 1945 outfit best – thanks for sharing!

  13. 6.7.15
    Abigail said:

    So awesome!!

  14. 6.7.15
    Diana said:

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    I absolutely LOVE this!!!

  15. 6.6.15
    LizB said:

    Reblogged this on Rainy Mondays and commented:
    Take me to 1945 please!!

  16. 6.6.15

    I loved 1955! The 80’s were cool too. And come 2000’s the age of pants?
    Loved the video though.

  17. 6.5.15

    Reblogged this on Nadiatamaralee and commented:
    I love this article on 100 years of American Fashion written by A Pretty Penny. So interesting to see the transformation of fashion and beauty.

  18. 6.5.15
    Alice said:

    Love this!

  19. 6.5.15

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  20. 6.5.15

    Reblogged this on Ashlyn Peterson and commented:
    A fun video from for the weekend! My favourites are the 20s, 30s, 50, 70s and of course present day.. I’m all about the boyfriend jeans.

    Reblogged from A Pretty Penny. Check out her blog!

  21. 6.5.15

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  22. 6.5.15

    I love this so much!! Amazing video :)

  23. 6.5.15

    My favorites are 20s , 40s and 90s .

  24. 6.5.15

    Pretty cool video! Although I could have done without 10 views of this person and their bizarro underwear.

  25. 6.4.15
    Diana said:

    I loved it!!!

  26. 6.4.15
    Tiadore said:

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    The Evolution of Style

  27. 6.4.15
    Tiadore said:

    it amazing how the evolution of style has changed so much over the years but yet the cycle always returns – with a new spin on it, but yet it always returns.

  28. 6.4.15

    Reblogged this on Sunshine and seersucker and commented:
    I love this video! So many great styles through the years.

  29. 6.4.15

    That was so cool! Thank you for sharing!! I think I am partial to 1940 & 1970….so much fun!

  30. 6.4.15
    jennyloeffler said:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing.


  31. 6.4.15

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  32. 6.4.15

    This is amazing! I would say fashion took a serious turn in the 70s.

  33. 6.4.15

    So fun! Love all the amazing dresses & suits before the 80’s.

  34. 6.4.15

    This is so cool !!!!!

  35. 6.4.15
    Natalie said:

    Loved this and also found it interesting as the fashion styles were slightly different here in the UK!

  36. 6.4.15
    Amy said:

    I also enjoy watch these


  37. 6.4.15

    Reblogged this on The Devil Wears Drama and commented:
    100 años de moda en 90 segundos… ¡me encanta! Mis favoritos: los ’30, ’40, ’50 y ’60, aunque los ’10 también me gusta. La moda siempre será más que ropa y maquillaje. Siempre será la expresión y el testimonio del momento por el que atraviesa uno mismo y la sociedad.

  38. 6.4.15

    My favorites are the 30s and 60s! The video is really nice! ;)

  39. 6.4.15
    shizknit said:

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    Love this!

  40. 6.4.15
    katina bobina said:

    I love these kind of videos. Thanks for sharing!

  41. 6.4.15
    Abby said:

    im so glad you shared this! I love these kind of videos! X

  42. 6.4.15
    luxerae said:

    I am obsessed with this type of videos! It’s always so interesting to see trends come and go!

  43. 6.4.15
    Margaret said:

    Love the vedio. Thanks for sharing it

  44. 6.4.15
    Dāsha said:

    I love these videos; watched them all last week. I especially like the one with the simulated aging couple. Great post.


  45. 6.4.15

    My favorite is the 1945 style. Its the only well working one, i think :)