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  1. 8.8.15
    Jai said:

    Reblogged this on Fashion and Living.

  2. 7.19.15

    beautyful look! :)

  3. 6.21.15

    Def. love the jeans & the hair !!!

  4. 6.13.15

    love your blog, please follow mine

  5. 6.11.15
    rikkelau said:

    Just started a fashion/lifestyle blog – can I have you take a look and maybe follow? :) https://rikkisuniverse.wordpress.com

  6. 6.10.15

    Hey! Love your blog! Please follow mine, I’m new and want to build a following so people can be inspired by my posts! Thank you xx

  7. 6.10.15

    Just ordered a similar pair of jeans! :) thanks for the inspo!

  8. 6.10.15
    Rkent93 said:

    love the hair <3

  9. 6.10.15

    Superbe !!!

  10. 6.10.15

    I remember when my store got that shirt while working at TJ’s! You paired it fabulously, absolutely love it!

  11. 6.9.15
    Carolina E. said:

    I just love it all and blue is your color!!

  12. 6.9.15

    Love everything from the hair to the jeans and sunglasses!

  13. 6.9.15

    So gorgeous! You are beautiful!

  14. 6.9.15

    That hair!! The cut looks so good on you, and just shaves off the years! :) Great outfit as usual too!

  15. 6.8.15
    breonette said:

    Nice laid back look. The haircut really suits you as well :)

  16. 6.8.15

    Your hair really looks nice like that.

  17. 6.8.15

    your hair is dope !!!

  18. 6.8.15
    Anonymous said:

    I love your hair….beautiful!!!

  19. 6.8.15
    ohwizeone said:

    Love the jeans!! So cute and the hair is so becoming on you!

  20. 6.8.15

    This outfit is so cute! And your makeup looks great-simple and natural!

  21. 6.8.15
    Abby said:

    love your jeans! X

  22. 6.8.15

    Great outfits, sunnies, and I have to agree with the comment about your haircut, it’s beautiful!

  23. 6.8.15

    Looks great! Cozy, but pulled together – the perfect way to get the week started off on the right foot!

    • 6.8.15

      “Cozy but pulled together” is always my goal! :)

  24. 6.8.15

    You look amazing ! I love the outfit. This strong blue is good for your skin toneand you rock the ripped jeans !

    • 6.8.15

      Thank you! I love this blue; I need more of it in my closet. :)

  25. 6.8.15

    Love the outfit, but that hair! Oh my goodness, I’m in love with the hair!!!

    • 6.8.15

      Thank you!! I finally got brave enough to #cleartheshoulders and I’m SO happy I did!

      • 6.8.15

        I’m glad you got brave enough. You look gorgeous and it’s an amazing look for you!