Faircloth Supply For Nepal

A Pretty Penny Faircloth Supply Nepal Earthquake Tee

Faircloth Supply is a charitable clothing line created by Phoebe Dahl (who happens to be the granddaughter of my favorite childhood author, Roald Dahl*). The line specializes in effortless basics with a focus on linen and heritage textiles. For each item sold, Faircloth Supply donates one school uniform to a girl in Nepal.

‘For a young girl in Nepal, the benefits of education are for more than just academic. Girls who receive education are less vulnerable to HIV infection, human trafficking and other forms of social & economic exploitation. They’re more likely to marry later & raise children who will attend school themselves, and go on to contribute positively to their family’s economic well-being.’ (fairclothsupply.com)

On April 25, shortly after the Faircloth team returned from a trip to visit schools and distribute uniforms, a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal near Kathmandu, also affecting nearby parts of India. A few days later another earthquake struck again, leaving Nepal in total devastation.

These earthquakes destroyed entire communities, leaving hundreds of thousands of Nepalese people homeless. The nightmare continues with the arrival of monsoon season and the threat of landslides.

Faircloth Supply will donate 100% of proceeds of this Nepal Earthquake Relief Tee to help these communities. I happily ordered one for myself!

Sidebar: If you somehow missed the treasure that is Roald Dahl’s writing in your youth, his stories are just as lovely to read as an adult! They’re all wonderful, but Matilda and The Witches are my favorite; I still go back to my childhood copies to re-read them every few years.

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  1. 7.13.15

    Love your glasses

  2. 7.10.15
    Erin E. said:

    OMG ROALD DAHL sqeeeeeeeee!!!!! Sadly, I’m not quite as enthusiastic about Phoebe’s clothes as I am his writing (I’m sure they would work wonderfully in someone else’s wardrobe, but “pageboy” doesn’t work on my body or with my lifestyle). However, I always appreciate when companies have an altruistic side. Cheers to making the world a better place!

  3. 7.10.15

    I am a shopaholic and often guilty for spending too much. But these charitable lines of clothing might make the guilt a little lesser! Love the way you carry the outfit. Love from India :)

  4. 7.8.15

    Wow, a clothing line for a good cause–go Phoebe. xx


  5. 7.7.15

    Your shirt is adorable!!

  6. 7.7.15
    Amy said:

    sounds like a great company


  7. 7.7.15

    It’s great when fashion works to help! this is a great cause, thanks for sharing <3 <3
    Xo Pauline


  8. 7.7.15

    love your blog check mine too :) https://fashionaholicdiaries.wordpress.com/

  9. 7.7.15
    aria love said:

    Me, as a citizen of Nepal can tell you how worthwhile the charity is!!
    kudos to you for promoting it!!

  10. 7.6.15
    Lauren Nakagawa said:

    Awesome, I applaud this whole heartedly 😊

    Ig: @shoes_and_sashimi

  11. 7.6.15

    Reblogged this on You are the One and commented:
    What a fabulous initiaitve.

  12. 7.6.15

    I love those shades !
    Nice outfit !

  13. 7.6.15

    Awesome charity and cause to support! Thanks for sharing :)

  14. 7.6.15

    i JUST saw this shirt. cuteee. :) i think you would like my blog http://www.lacedincyn.com . check it out & if you like it follow back?! thank you! <3