#OOTD: Slim Cargo Chinos

LOFT Utility Blouse, J.Crew Skinny Cargo Pant, Leopard Calfhair Stilettos, Vince Camuto Colby Bag
{ LOFT Utility Blouse, J.Crew Slim Cargo Chinos (Purchased on Final Sale), Vince Camuto ‘Colby’ Bag & DV Dolce Vita Leopard Pumps (SIMILAR) }

I bought these J.Crew slim cargo pants on mega-sale because I was in a jeans rut and needed something else to put on my bottom half for work. They’re no longer available online; bummer because they’re super comfy and I love the higher rise.

I wore this outfit with flats on Friday for a day at the flower shop, then put on my leopard pumps when I got home for about five minutes before C and I decided takeout and Netflix was better than venturing out for dinner.

J.Crew Slim Cargo Pant Olive

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  1. 8.3.15

    This is a beautiful look! Love your style so much!! :)

  2. 7.31.15

    they are cute! n very flattering on you dear xx lovejoystyles.com

  3. 7.22.15

    Great combination :) Love it!

  4. 7.21.15

    Wow that outfit looks great! I was actually thinking of wearing some green pants similar to those but wasn’t sure how to style it thanks for the inspo!😊😘😍

  5. 7.21.15

    Those shoes are FIERCE!! I’m waiting to find some cuties like that!!!!

  6. 7.21.15
    Carolina E. said:

    That looks so nice on you ,the heels just makes the outfit pop!!!

  7. 7.21.15
    Rita Lobo said:

    The shoes/Trousers are a real win for me.


  8. 7.21.15
    VA said:

    this is amazing! I always want to wear cargo jeans but I am worried they won’t suit me and I can never find them anywhere x

    • 7.21.15

      They can be so tricky to find! That’s why I love this pair. Something about the cut and pocket style just works.

  9. 7.20.15

    I love your shoes! the print is amazing <3



  10. 7.20.15

    I love olive and I love cheetah, so I double love this look lol. Have you ever looked to Calvin Klein for chinos? I bought olive cargo /chino ones YEARS ago and still wear them (thank goddess I can still fit them) . I think this is my favorite outfit if your ootd 📁😊

    • 7.21.15

      Thanks!! I’ll definitely check out CK for chinos. I usually have a tough time finding styles I like. Thanks for the recommendation!

  11. 7.20.15
    Catherine said:

    I’m jealous! You look so great in those cargos. OMG–I can’t even wear cargos because I truly look horrific in them! Great OOTD! http://atypical60.com/2015/07/20/mothers-and-daughters-the-hair-ties-that-bind/

    • 7.21.15

      Honestly, I usually do too! Pockets and extra bulk around my hips usually do me no favors, but the cut and pocket style on these just really hit the mark for me. I’m bummed to see they didn’t carry them into spring, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled for similar styles.

  12. 7.20.15

    LOVE this look x

  13. 7.20.15

    these shoes are great!! where did you buy them?

  14. 7.20.15

    love the shoe choice with the outfit!

  15. 7.20.15

    Love black and olive!

  16. 7.20.15
    Lauren said:

    Love it! The khaki and black go so well together!

  17. 7.20.15
    aogbebor said:

    Love the trousers – looking some something like it!

  18. 7.20.15
    Makarena said:

    Cute outfit, love the hair!

  19. 7.20.15
    rhiannon said:
  20. 7.20.15

    this is a great look on you!

  21. 7.20.15

    love those pants! Army green id definitely really popular right now and I love how you paired each these pieces together! super cute!

  22. 7.20.15
    Abigail said:

    Great look! Green is a wonderful color! And on sale, even better!!

  23. 7.20.15
    RachelW said:

    Gorgeous outfit as usual :)



  24. 7.20.15
    everlyoak said:

    Oh those shoes! I love all things leopard! Great information on the chinos as well! check out my site some time everlyoak.wordpress.com
    <3<3<3 Everly

  25. 7.20.15

    Love it!

  26. 7.20.15

    Love patterned shoes. You look so spiffy!

  27. 7.20.15

    Very flattering!

  28. 7.20.15
    Dāsha said:

    Cargo pants have never looked so chic, well done

  29. 7.20.15

    Great look!

  30. 7.20.15

    Love this!

  31. 7.20.15
    Katryna said:

    I love your look!

  32. 7.20.15

    J’adore ton sac !! C’est un très jolie look !! / I love your bag !! It is a very nice look !!!

  33. 7.20.15


  34. 7.20.15

    I love everything about this look. Clothes, makeup, hair. You go girl!

  35. 7.20.15

    Beautiful shoes!