Taking Stock | 12

Making : an effort to wake up earlier, give myself time to enjoy mornings, and start the day less groggy/frazzled.
Cooking : pre-made frozen gourmet dinners from a local caterer (best idea ever). I buy a week’s worth of meals at a time, stock them in the freezer, and pop them in the oven after work. If you have a local service like this, ohmygosh, do it.
Drinking : lots of fruit smoothies, in lieu of the milkshakes I really want to drink all summer.
Reading : several books at once. A new ‘Weekend Reads‘ post coming soon!
Wanting : a weekend getaway with the mister.
Enjoying : the laid-back summer pace at work and home. It’s hot as the 7th layer of Hades, though.
Listening : to the ‘Mix Tape’ station on iTunes radio.
Liking : Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Powder. I usually hate wearing powder, but it’s a necessity in the Florida summer; unless you want your makeup to slide right off your face. This gives airbrushed invisible coverage over tinted moisturizers and BB/CC creams, and never looks dry or chalky.
Loving : sneaking out of the shop early a couple times each week. It’s tough to get a proper vacation when you own a business, so stealing a few hours here and there really helps recharge the batteries. I’m grateful for the ladies who run it as well as I do when I’m not there.
Bookmarking: The Teacher Diva. I love her style! And she’s totally inspired me to get back on my blogging game.
Watching : The Killing on Netflix. It’s hard to find a show that my husband will willingly binge-watch with me, but we’re both really into it!
Needing : not a thing; life is pretty lovely right now.
Smelling : my summer favorite, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse multi-use dry oil. (It’s available at Target now!)
Wearing : Butter London Patent Shine nail lacquer in ‘Shop Girl’.
Thinking : about plans for our new flower shop location. We’re moving! To my dream space; I can’t wait to tell you all about it.
Feeling : really excited about the next several months!

{Inspired by Sydney, who was inspired by Pip.}

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  1. Erin E. wrote:

    I’m a morning person and my husband is not, which means early mornings are my quiet time in the house. I love being able to drink my coffee and catch up on blogs/magazines in peace and quiet. I grew up in Florida, so I sympathize with the makeupvs. humidity battle.

    Posted 8.1.15 Reply
  2. I loved this post! Very sweet and genuine! By the way, those flowers are absolutely swoon-worthy. Is your shop located in central florida? :)

    Posted 7.25.15 Reply
  3. I love this style! I may borrow it for my next post!

    Posted 7.22.15 Reply
  4. That;s fantastic that everything is coming together for you. The Killing is an amazing series and the second series is fantastic as well, if a little convoluted at times. Frozen gourmet dishes sound brilliant! We have something like that near us but you have to buy in bulk as it’s wholesale. We need to blag a ride off someone.

    Posted 7.22.15 Reply
  5. I love this! I may follow your style and take stick myself. Great to think about the bigger picture, rather than just the individual details we usually focus on across the day. :)

    Posted 7.22.15 Reply
  6. qianchiese wrote:

    good !

    Posted 7.22.15 Reply
  7. Jennyy wrote:

    Please check out my new blog i am a fashion journalist hoping to get in touch with new and upcoming designers to launch my blog:

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  8. This was a GREAT post!! Thanks!

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  9. ladibekky wrote:

    Reblogged this on Rebecca's Blog!!.

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  10. lovely post! I love your blog so much and i´m reading it since such a long time!! Now I´ve set up my own new blog and it would make me really happy if you take a look at it :)

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  11. Loved this tag! Interesting. Also, what is “The Killing” about?? My husband and I have been looking for a new series to binge watch! :)

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
    • ‘The Killing’ is a murder/detective series on Netflix. I think it started back in 2011. We just finished all four seasons, and we really enjoyed it!! Now we have to find another series to dive into.

      Other dude-friendly binge watching faves: Lost (we were obsessed with this one summer), Weeds, and Breaking Bad.

      Posted 7.21.15 Reply
      • I’m definitely going to have to give those a whirl tonight! Thanks Keira :)

        Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  12. Great post! Never seen one quite like it!

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  13. Carolina E. wrote:

    Busy Lady Love Your Blog !!

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  14. Thank you for injecting beauty in the world of politics which is not pretty. It reminds of the beauty of the world outside of politics. Good luck in your new location. .

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  15. Great post, really inspiring! sometimes it’s necessary to sit down and think about plans and perspectives and write them down.



    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
    • I wish I could get it together and do these posts every month; I always love looking back over them and getting a snapshot of what was happening in my life. :)

      Posted 7.21.15 Reply
      • Yeah that’s exactly what I think! You should do them every month :) oh and thanks again for the inspiration <3

        Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  16. Hillary wrote:

    Beautiful!! :) -H

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  17. Alexa wrote:

    I’ve been trying to wake up earlier too, it really makes your day longer and I feel less tired if I actually wake up!

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
    • This was my big issue! I wake up on my own around 6:30-7, but I’d go back to sleep to catch an extra 30 minutes and end up oversleeping and feeling terrible. For the past month or so, I force myself to get up when I initially wake up, and I’ve been feeling so much better.

      Plus it gives me a little extra time to get pretty in the morning, and it’s always easier to tackle the day when you feel good. :)

      Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  18. I love your “taking stock” posts. I too read multiple books at once, can’t wait to see which ones you’re wrapping up lately. A new space?! Ekkkk!

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
    • Read anything good lately? You know I always LOVE a good book recommendation. :)

      Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  19. anraditsa wrote:

    Love the way you wrote this post!!

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply
  20. shickmode wrote:

    Love the style of your blog! Really beautiful!

    Posted 7.21.15 Reply


  • Farm-fresh blooms in repurposed glass from @happysplacefarm. 💕 #farmersmarket #summerlovin
  • I bought a beautiful loaf of fresh sourdough 🍞 from @honeycombbread and there’s a solid chance I‘ll rip into it on the drive home. #farmersmarket #carbsarelife
  • @shannatrudell and I talk about going to the Saturday morning farmers market at least twice a month and never *actually* do it; until today! 🍑 #farmersmarket #summerlovin #fromwhereistand
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  • Regram from @lasaterflowers :: The prettiest pile of ‘Quicksand’ roses from a wedding a few weeks ago. They’re a favorite around here. 💕