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  1. 8.10.15

    Love you style, love the shirt and jeans look x

  2. 8.9.15

    I love orange and blue color combinations. Those jeans look uber comfortable and I like the cut at the bottom. Might look into a pair.

  3. 8.6.15

    I love LOFT! I’ll have to drop by this weekend (dress sale, too!)

  4. 8.5.15

    I really like the bag ! xx

  5. 8.1.15
    Erin E. said:

    I ordered the Loft skinnies online and was SO excited when they arrived in the mail, but both sizes I ordered were too big and I was too lazy to try on a different size when I returned them to the store. If I ever win the lotto, can I hire you to be my personal shopper/fashion consultant? ;)

  6. 7.28.15

    Where did you get your bag?

  7. 7.28.15

    i love this outfit especially the purse!!! mind if i steal this?…

  8. 7.27.15

    That bag is to die for. I’m obsessing.

  9. 7.27.15
    mzmari3 said:

    Your outfit is so beautiful!! I love the colors!

  10. 7.26.15

    Très joli sac !

  11. 7.25.15

    Amazing outfit! love the nude heels!

  12. 7.23.15
    Victoria said:

    Oooo I love that top :-) gorgeous!

  13. 7.22.15

    Adorable!! Love the bright color top with the nude heels

  14. 7.22.15

    Such a great color! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Premio Dardos Award. The info is on my blog at http://www.sojourninginstyle.com.

  15. 7.22.15
    kaybe610 said:

    lovely colours and i love the pumps !

  16. 7.22.15
    Amy said:

    orange is one color I don’t own a lot of. Love this simple and cute look.


  17. 7.22.15

    I love this color combo! Mixing shades of a same color is such a good idea, and the brightness of the orange makes it completely summer-ready!



  18. 7.22.15

    Love these oranges together!!

  19. 7.22.15

    Love the mix of both, big pop of colors💅👌

  20. 7.22.15

    I love that top! The color is gorgeous!

  21. 7.22.15
    Toby said:

    you are on my favorite blogs list:) check out my last post xx http://www.poshandspicy.com

  22. 7.22.15

    I love this look! The two shades of orange are just different enough to look awesome together. I’m so obsessed with your bag!

  23. 7.22.15

    Ha – I do that all the time! Pulling the switch from neon yellow to bright green on a very similar top has totally changed my look today… promise. And my pants are always my Loft skinnies. #addicted

  24. 7.22.15

    O-RANG-EE is on of my favorite colors. Since you wore those same jeans, bet you jumped in the wash tub with them on to bath and now you are sparklin’ clean with a fresh blouse. Love that purse – love purses and shoes. My guy tells me I am Imelda Marcos dos!

  25. 7.22.15

    I love your bag so much! And I’m gonna have to take a look at those jeans- I’ve been searching for some, and those sound like they’re good!


  26. 7.22.15

    I LOVE your style! Your posts always give me so much inspiration :)

  27. 7.22.15

    It wouldn’t have occurred to me to put these two bright colours together but they look fantastic along with the neutrals!

  28. 7.22.15
    Lauren said:

    Love this! That shirt is such a gorgeous colour!

  29. 7.22.15

    love this! gives me lots of outfit inspiration! x