Helpful Links for Girls With Bobs

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I’m having lots of fun playing with my shorter ‘do. I hesitated chopping my hair for so long — even when I really wanted to — because I worried it would be too hard to style and manage. But it’s so easy!

Fortunately for my lazy hair skills, the modern bob is all about messy undone texture. My daily styling routine is basically the same as my lob days, but with less hair (which means less time!). My favorite styling product right now is Joico Hair Shake, a texturizing spray with a liquid-to-powder formula that boosts volume and creates cool piecey texture with soft, flexible hold. If I don’t have time to curl or flat-iron, I work a little Dirt Texturizing Paste into the ends so they aren’t frizzy.

If you’re considering a chop, or you’ve already joined the club, here’s a handful of helpful links full of styling inspiration and helpful tutorials:

The Beauty Department’s Best Tricks for Short Hair

The Glamourai’s Messy Waves

Byrdie’s Coolest Updo Ideas for Short Hair

Stylecaster’s Retro Bouffant

Keiko Lynn’s Volumized Pony 

Lauren Conrad’s Beachy Waves

Cosmo’s 19 Genius Styling Ideas Just for Short Hair 

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  1. I currently have short(ish) hair and this helped a lot.
    I also recommend adding curls to short hair to add body and using salt spray.

    Posted 10.20.15 Reply
  2. Rose wrote:

    This is awesome! When I chopped off all my hair months ago I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. Haha!

    Posted 8.6.15 Reply
  3. I love that you use a lot of bobby pins but it still doesn’t look messy. I need to learn that!

    Posted 8.5.15 Reply
  4. I had my hair cut yesterday from a lob to more of a bob. Looking forward to trying out some different styling ideas!

    Posted 8.4.15 Reply
  5. This is great, I got my hair cut into a long bob for the first time last year and I am always looking for new ways to style it.

    Posted 8.3.15 Reply
  6. Kelly wrote:

    So cute! Can’t wait until after my wedding to do this to my hair too!

    Posted 8.1.15 Reply
  7. Your bob is awesome! This post is so helpful. After flat-ironing my bob for months I’ve grown tired of it (the straight hair, not the bob itself lol) so this post couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you for sharing! x Natalie

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  8. lcetter wrote:

    Love this look! You’re giving me motivation to cut my own!

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  9. azbaw wrote:

    This will be so helpful for my short hair!

    Posted 7.29.15 Reply
  10. This is awesome! I’m always looking for ideas since I cut my hair!

    Posted 7.28.15 Reply
  11. I especially loved the LC beach wave tutorial. Super cute! Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 7.28.15 Reply
  12. shmagz wrote:

    I hope to rock a wavy, textured bob one day! For now, I’m keeping it long tho!

    Posted 7.28.15 Reply
  13. Great tips for me and my Bob

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  14. I’m considering getting a bob soon! I had one when I was younger but now my hair is waist length… so this was really helpful! Thanks x

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  15. This is a great post!! Love it

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  16. Hillary wrote:

    This looks so cute, My hair isn’t short but I need to play with doing something like this on my medium length hair! :) Thanks for the inspiration. -H

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  17. Amazing!! Thank you :)

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  18. This is perfect!! I just chopped off my hair due to severe breakage from where I was living (moved now, luckily!). But I have no idea what to do with shoulder length hair. Great links!!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  19. criscarrillo wrote:
    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  20. Reblogged this on WinterBlueBlogz.

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  21. kaybe610 wrote:

    great ideas !

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  22. sierratj wrote:

    perfect for lobs too!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  23. Tanya wrote:

    I’m thinking of going back to the bob after growing my hair out for almost 2 years. This just might make me do it!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  24. I recently cut my hair. It’s not quite a bob yet, but it’s shorter than it’s ever been. Thanks for sharing these helpful links!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  25. your. hair. is. perfect.

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  26. Margaret wrote:

    i looove bob hairstyles!! great tips!

    I would really appreciate it if you could visit and maybe support my blog! Iam new but I try.Thank u in advance!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  27. Carolina E. wrote:

    I love your bob !!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  28. So Beautiful

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  29. caydet wrote:

    So helpful! Thank you :)

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  30. Awesome…

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  31. Great links! Even for someone who has had a bob haircut for years, your post inspired me to try out something new :)

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  32. So useful! I don’t even have a choice on having a bob, my hair just doesn’t grow😾

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply
  33. Nice. I’m in the same boat with my new bob… been trying to figure out how to style it :)

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply