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  1. 7.29.15
    Erin E. said:

    Get me all the pullovers/hoodies! Love that look.

  2. 7.29.15

    That color!! I love it:)

  3. 7.29.15

    Where is your sweater from? Love the look!

    • 7.29.15

      It’s from Victoria’s Secret. I can’t find the exact style online (bought it last season on sale) but I linked a similar style above (which is also on sale!).

  4. 7.28.15

    Reblogged this on Reusable Designs.

  5. 7.28.15

    Love this! This is perfect for our English weather at the moment.

  6. 7.28.15

    Love this! Where did you get the pullover?

  7. 7.28.15

    Soo cute! Definitely want a cute pullover like this for the fall

  8. 7.28.15

    Love the colorof the pullover!! <3



  9. 7.28.15
    Ninschi said:


  10. 7.28.15
    Carolina E. said:


  11. 7.28.15

    That looks comfy. Not ideal for the 90+ temps we have here in St. Louis. I just started a book called Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews, it’s about a florist and made me think of you. Have you read it?

    • 7.29.15

      I haven’t read it! I’ll add it to my reading list. :)

  12. 7.28.15

    this is the exact reason why I am excited for fall

  13. 7.28.15

    Ooo I need one of those shirts in my life!

  14. 7.28.15

    That’s a comfortable,grab on the go outfit ! Loved your outfit !

  15. 7.28.15
    binibhaga said:

    Looks absolutely comfy. Great look. Especially for SA Weather.

  16. 7.28.15

    you can never go wrong with a cozy outfit. Have a great week


  17. 7.28.15

    Love this!! So simply but super classy and cute!

  18. 7.28.15
    Hillary said:

    This is adorable, comfy yet classic! :) -H

  19. 7.28.15
    Catherine said:

    I love that outfit..it’s a kind of uniform for me. However, it’s sooooo hot and humid here in the Philly ‘burbs that I’ll be dreaming of your OOTD for the fall!

    • 7.28.15

      It’s usually unbearably hot and humid in Florida, too, but right now we’re in our rainy season. So it’s still unbearably humid, but wet. :/