I Have This Free People Tee in Four Colors

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First thing’s first: three days of rain and swampy humidity have plastered my hair to my head. There’s just no saving it; it’s all unfortunate hair days ’til the sun comes back.

Now, this Free People ‘We the Free’ Free Fallin Tee: It’s my favorite. I have it in four neutral colors, and would happily wear them as a daily uniform with skinnies and flats. I know it’s crazy to spend $60 on a t-shirt, but these are so soft, and perfectly drapey, and they get better with each [gentle] wash.

Plus, it meets all 5 of my shopping rules!


What Do You Think?

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  1. DIYanna wrote:

    cute tee it’s to cold here lol check out my blog

    Posted 8.10.15 Reply
  2. limitluxe wrote:

    I live in t-shirts! Love your blog :)

    Posted 8.9.15 Reply
  3. angie0239 wrote:

    I love that top! I think I might just have to get myself one…

    Posted 8.7.15 Reply
  4. Sara wrote:

    It’s actually a pretty perfect t-shirt…!

    Posted 8.3.15 Reply
  5. ArtsyMM wrote:

    The Tee is well worth the money if you love it and wear it all the time.

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  6. Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  7. This tee looks fab, I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been into tees lately too. I just picked up 4 boyfriend tees from old navy for $8 each. They fit so well and look great with skinny jeans.


    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  8. Also are your jeans AA? If so I have the same too ;)


    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  9. I LOVE this t-shirt! I have it in the same color you’re showing in the picture and it’s wonderful. If only it wasn’t so expensive… I’ll probably save up to buy more! I’m a huge fan of Free People too :)

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  10. swaisath wrote:

    I’m always a sucker for free people. Have you tried looking for them at Nordstrom Rack? They usually have some pretty good deals! – https://midwestmeanderings.wordpress.com/

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  11. AND I can see why you bought so many, they look great on! Effortlessly beautiful and casually cool. Sometimes you can’t focus on the price, but the end result: fabulousness ;)

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  12. Nice Post Keira!
    Its really a cool and nice color tshirt which gives the new trendy looks to the people, specially for college girls. I have also know about that there is one another place where you can buy the some new style tshirts with latest Italian design.

    Thanks for sharing the blog.

    Posted 7.31.15 Reply
  13. Carolina E. wrote:


    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  14. mohipps wrote:

    This shirt makes for a quick, cute outfit for college girls in the fall!

    Check out my blog! ijournalcollegegirl.wordpress.com

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  15. Honestly I understand the whole buying multiple shirts lol especially if they are such good quality!!!

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  16. you can never go wrong with a great t-shirt


    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  17. caydet wrote:

    So cute!! Love Free People. What other colors do you have it in?

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  18. Love this outfit so much!! <3

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  19. It looks so comfortable!!! I have an express shirt that I bought in all the colors, which was 5! haha When you find that shirt you love, you just need it as a staple! Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to check this out!

    Xx Dani Elle

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  20. lcetter wrote:

    You are too cute! Absolutely LOVE your 5 shopping rules – I need to abide by those myself – so helpful :)

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  21. Ahh that tee looks so comfy! And it’s cute too :) Xx Love your blog so much!

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  22. Concepta wrote:

    Love it!! :) Look so comfy!!

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  23. I might have to get a few of those too! They look super comfortable! xoxo http://www.lanehollaway.com

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  24. sb2711 wrote:

    Not much of a fashionista. But this one, I feel like buying one :) Just love it.

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  25. alcaspar wrote:

    I love free people!

    Posted 7.30.15 Reply
  26. I recently bought two different Free People shirts and I’m obsessed! They’re just so soft!


    Posted 7.30.15 Reply