#OOTD: T-Shirt Dress

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Every woman needs a soft cotton t-shirt dress in her closet. I bought this one for under $50 at my girlfriend’s boutique, m.marie, and you can find a similar one here.


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  1. 9.14.15

    I love this! Need it in my closet ASAP (:

  2. 9.2.15
    itisgigi said:

    I love t-shirt dresses! I have one on my blog that you’ll love! ( there is a link too ) <3

  3. 8.31.15

    Hi, I love your blog. Could you maybe check out mine sometime. I’ve just launched it today and therefore don’t have any comments, likes or followers. I’d love it if you could, thank you❤️

  4. 8.29.15

    Love this dress/outfit!

  5. 8.29.15
    pledislea said:

    I’ll definitely order one from CNDirect! :)
    Btw I nominated you for #GSlist challenge, you can check it out here: https://leapledis.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/gslist/

  6. 8.28.15
    Carolina E. said:

    Love the shoes ,bag & dress looks adorable on you !!

  7. 8.28.15

    I literally live in my t-shirt dress.

  8. 8.28.15

    This outfit is the perfect casual/cute combo! And gray is always the best color in my book! So cute!

  9. 8.27.15

    The Shirtdress.
    So underrated.

  10. 8.27.15

    T-shirt dresses are great! They pretty much can be styled any way you want. Love how you kept it simple here :)

  11. 8.27.15
    nyrmirez said:

    I’ve just recently become obsessed with T-shirt dresses! I love how you styled yours.

  12. 8.27.15

    I love the dress! You look comfortable but like you could go out for girls night out :)

  13. 8.27.15
    nogynyan said:

    Great look !

  14. 8.26.15
    shanycew said:
  15. 8.26.15
  16. 8.26.15
    mariel said:


  17. 8.26.15

    That tshirt dress is ADORABLE!

  18. 8.26.15
    jaymieashcraft said:

    So cute!!!!!

  19. 8.26.15
    Musings said:

    Love this whole outfit!

  20. 8.26.15


  21. 8.26.15
    mcowder said:

    I’m no fashion-ista but I think it would also look cute with a belt. Would have to pair mine with shorts for fear of a wind gust! :)

  22. 8.26.15

    comfy and chic!

  23. 8.26.15

    Love the simple idea of a t-shirt, but in dress form!

  24. 8.26.15

    I love a simple tshirt dress! This looks great on you!

  25. 8.26.15

    it looks so good on you! I am always afraid of buying dresses like this because I fear I will look like a schlep!

  26. 8.26.15
    rhiannon said:

    super cute! that dress looks so good on you.