What’s In a Name?

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Can you believe this blog is five years old? Me neither.

You may notice the URL is different. If you didn’t, no worries; that means I did something right with the domain switch and the old links are transferring without a hitch. In which case, hurrah!!

After many moons of writing under A Pretty Penny, it feels like the right time for a change.

When I started the blog in 2010, the name made perfect sense; I wrote about thrifting, making my own accessories, and creating cute outfits on very limited resources. Now that I’m older and in a different place in my life, it feels a little inauthentic to tell you about my favorite $60 t-shirt or Charlotte Tilbury bronzer using that same blog identity. In some ways I’ve outgrown A Pretty Penny, and that’s okay!

Rather than throw in the towel or start a new blog — there’s so much good stuff in the archives — I changed the URL. It’s a minor adjustment in the grand scheme of things, but it feels like the start of a fresh new chapter.

To keep things simple, the new URL is just my name. Now all my social media channels are cohesive: you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest as ‘keiralennox’.

And for those of you who thought my name was Penny for all these years, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Keira. ;)

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  1. 10.3.15
    Crissa said:

    Hi Pretty! As you know, I’ve been a loyal follower for five years. You and your lovely blog get better and better every year. You are such a doll. Looking forward to following your next chapter. xo, Crissa

  2. 9.4.15
    swaisath said:

    Congrats on a new chapter!

  3. 9.3.15

    I was looking for a Pretty Penny and was just saying how you look alike…lol http://poshdcgirl.com/2015/09/03/blogger-recognition-award/

  4. 9.2.15
    itisgigi said:

    Five years!?! wow, well done! : )

  5. 9.2.15
    Millie said:

    Wao..five years??Thats awesome. Congrats. I just started following and I think you have a great energy to you. Hope to get to know you more. Check out my blog!

  6. 9.2.15

    Yay! Can’t wait to see the new posts (:

  7. 9.2.15
    Lynnette said:

    Loving the new website and loving the new name :) x

  8. 9.2.15

    congrats on five years of blogging.


  9. 9.1.15

    Keira! I need to know the lipstick color you’re wearing. It’s gorgeous, and so are you!

    • 9.2.15

      Thank you!! It’s MAC Viva Glam II –> http://bit.ly/1ihWrCL
      My girlfriend is a makeup artist, and she got it for me. It’s a great mauve nude that’s flattering on so many skin tones!

  10. 9.1.15

    Been following you for months…thought your name was Penny, haha! Nice to meet you, Keira :)

  11. 9.1.15
    zoya said:

    Yours was one of the first blogs I ever started following when I started up my own. We definitely don’t stay the same..we do grow and change and maybe our blogs should too :p
    I did think Penny was your name for all this time – but it’s lovely to meet you Keira!

    xx Zoya (may or may not be my real name :p)

  12. 9.1.15
    Carolina E. said:

    Hi Keira,want you to know that I love & enjoy your blog so much.I have learned about skin care ,fashion and etc. You just go girl and grow !!

  13. 9.1.15

    Congrats Kiera on 5 years. Such a cute post and honest conffesion, I started reading your blog from 10 months or so and the labels you use hardly fits in pretty penny and now I can relate more , love ur quick crisp ootd’s so much.~Love from India 😍😘

  14. 9.1.15

    Haha love this post. My 1st post had the same title :) All thanks to Mr Shakespeare :P

  15. 9.1.15

    Congrats on your five-year anniversary. I love change if it goes forward!

  16. 9.1.15

    hey* :)

  17. 9.1.15

    hih cute post. hy keira, nice name. :) Congratulations on 5 years. I’m the new one here so check out my blog. thank you :) xx

  18. 9.1.15

    Congratulations Keira!
    I look forward to following your blog as you evolve and grow. Change is good and I’m so glad you’re handling it such grace. :)

  19. 9.1.15
    cnwal318 said:

    Growth is what its all about! Congratulations Kiera!

  20. 9.1.15
    madsy19 said:

    Hey Kiera! Wow five years is a long time. I only started my blog coming up to 9 months, and I would really appreciate if you could give it a read at sometime. Thanks!! https://madsem13.wordpress.com/

  21. 9.1.15
    marianthi said:

    That`s Great!! I loved it!! Hey Keira!!

  22. 9.1.15
    Elizabeth said:

    I like it! Your new post still showed up under A Pretty Penny on my Bloglovin’, but when I clicked the link, it says “your connection is not private” and has the https crossed out in red (using Google Chrome). It still works fine for me, but I just wanted to let you know!

    • 9.2.15

      Thank you for letting me know, Elizabeth! I’m going to reach out to Bloglovin and see if we can get the URL updated there.

  23. 9.1.15

    Great change! I’ve been contemplating changing my name as well as I’ve outgrown my original name and im starting new ventures that wouldn’t make sense with this name! If only my real name wasn’t so common!

  24. 9.1.15

    And a great name it is! My little girl is a Keira too.

  25. 9.1.15
    Lina said:

    Congrats! That’s really a long time..I’ve not even gone past 5 months I guess..XD

    • 9.1.15
      madsy19 said:

      Yeah mine is only almost 9 months :)

  26. 9.1.15

    Very cute post! A Pretty Penny is a cute and catchy name, but Keira Lennox sounds sophisticated now that you are 5 years old–wait that doesn’t sound right! in blog years that is!

  27. 9.1.15

    Still love the blog…regardless of the name change! ❤️

    • 9.8.15
      july7k said:

      Congrats on 5 years! I am new to blogging and hope to get to where you are one day…cheers to the next 5: ).