#OOTD: Double Denim

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{ SIMILAR denim shirt under $50; LOFT ‘curvy’ ankle skinny jeans; Jack Rogers ‘Liliana’ sandals; SIMILAR bucket bag (splurge) }

Once upon a time, before the world knew what Miley Cyrus looked like in her birthday suit, she had a squeaky clean Disney persona, questionable taste in hair extensions, and a collaboration with Max Azria for an affordable clothing collection at Walmart.

I bought this denim shirt from said collection for less than $20 all those years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite pieces in my closet.

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  1. 9.26.15
    sorubak1 said:

    hello sorubak.org

  2. 9.17.15

    Demim is classic👍👍 there’s also something about those wonderful old go to shirts…maybe it’s comfort ( you know what your in for all day long) familiarity or the fact that if you do have a ‘messy’ day, your not out $100 ☺️


  3. 9.11.15

    Omg I had that exact same shirt from Walmart! It is pretty decent isn’t it?

  4. 9.10.15

    I love what you post!

  5. 9.4.15
    swaisath said:

    HA! Love the story behind it.


  6. 9.4.15

    I can totally relate to this post.
    I purchased the grey tanktop with the black lace over 5 years ago as well.
    And, yes, it is still in my never-giving-it-away place in my closet.

  7. 9.4.15
    pewells2 said:

    Lol I love the Miley reference. And denim on denim is always so trendy!

  8. 9.3.15
    winnsters said:

    I have to admit that I’m also someone who likes to go double denim too, and I really like the shoes that you paired with your outfit; it makes it look a little more feminine xx


  9. 9.3.15

    I love how you added a bright colored bag with your denim top and black jeans :*)

  10. 9.3.15

    I wore mine out! Like legit had to trash it, it was a very sad day.

  11. 9.3.15

    I love your look Keira do checkout my new blogpost https://shopaholibond.wordpress.com/2015/09/03/get-rid-of-your-old-closet-with-elanic/ and follow me if you like it :)

  12. 9.3.15
    Mirjana said:

    Wow this whole outfit looks gorgeous, I especially love your sandals they’re so cute

  13. 9.2.15

    a denim shirt is a ‘must have’ and is so versatile. you should do a week or month of looks with that shirt

  14. 9.2.15
    emyx88 said:


  15. 9.2.15

    denim on denim looks great on yah!

  16. 9.2.15

    This is so chic 😊😊

    fashionaholic Diaries | fashion shopping lifestyle and beautiful you – By Rohini S.

  17. 9.2.15

    I have that denim shirt/jacket I wear it all the time its my go to

  18. 9.2.15

    Hah great description…and super cute look! Love it.


  19. 9.2.15
    Anonymous said:
  20. 9.2.15

    Love it!

  21. 9.2.15
    Carolina E. said:

    Love the outfit & you look so comfortable !!

  22. 9.2.15

    I love the shirt!


  23. 9.2.15

    Great style! Have a fun day!

    xo, Bry


  24. 9.2.15

    Ohhh I think I’m stealing that outfit for tomorow.

  25. 9.2.15
    sanelys said:

    Oh and also Keira, I don’t think I can handle NOT seeing A Pretty Penny in my mailbox….that might be sort of an emotional and psychological problem for me… ….

  26. 9.2.15
    sanelys said:

    Love the shirt. Absolute classic… I did love Miley’s hair though! ..and still do, although I remember not knowing they were extensions at the time, but she was always a die hard hair inspo for me and all of my friends when younger ! Am I alone? Haha

  27. 9.2.15
    Dāsha said:

    Double denim is always fun! Nice touch with the pop of color with the bag.


  28. 9.2.15


  29. 9.2.15

    I own the EXACT SAME shirt. And that $10 Miley Cyrus Walmart purchase? I wear it about once a week all winter. How this thing has held up for so long I have no idea but I dread the day it dies!

  30. 9.2.15
    Elizabeth said:

    Wow, I remember that collab! Awesome that the piece has stayed with you so long and been such a good buy. I got a black/white/gray buffalo plaid button-up from the Norma Kamali line they once had, pretty sure it was on clearance for like $7, and it’s been a favorite for years!

  31. 9.2.15

    Love the look! I would have never guessed that this shirt was from that collection! it just show that how you style a piece makes a huge difference!

  32. 9.2.15
    itisgigi said:

    haha I love this outfit! maybe you could give my blog a follow? ; )