Helpful Habits For Non-Morning People

Every night when I go to bed, I tell myself tomorrow’s the day I become a morning person and wake up two hours early. I fantasize about all the things I could do with the extra time: Bike down to the pool and go for a swim! Write a blog post! Do some yoga! Read a few chapters of a book! Make a home-cooked breakfast! Get to the shop early and start on my to do-lists! Make more to-do lists!

But every morning, my feet hit the floor about thirty minutes before I have to leave the house. Whether I oversleep or spend too much time under the covers scrolling through Instagram, I just can’t seem to get the hang of “seizing the day” before it’s absolutely necessary.

Maybe I’ll figure it out in the next decade.

In the meantime, here are some of my best habits for making the most of limited time in the morning.


Wash and dry your hair at night. Nothing sets me back in the morning like having to squeeze in extra time for a shampoo and blow-out before work. To buy myself more time in the AM, I lather up every other night, and make sure my hair is completely dry before I go to bed. Then in the morning, I only need about five minutes to smooth it with my flat iron or add a few messy waves. I’m currently using this texture boost dry spray wax for everyday tousled flexible hold.

Set a phone/tablet deadline. I love to wake up and scroll through social media first thing in the morning, but it can quickly escalate into a ‘holy-shizz-I’ve-been-on-Instagram-for-30-minutes’ situation. Same goes for Hautelook browsing and blog reading. I cut myself off at the same time every morning, and then it’s just Pandora or Netflix as background while I get ready.

Master your ‘five minute face’. My everyday look is a natural-finish foundation, bronzer, defined brows, blush and mascara. Every woman needs an everyday ‘signature’ beauty routine that makes her feel confident and put-together in minimal time. It’s different for everyone: one of my girlfriends can do perfect winged liner in 30 seconds, and another wears next-to-nothing and always looks fresh faced and beautiful. Just remember, now is not the time to try the new contouring technique you watched on YouTube last night or play with new products; stick to what you know and save the experimentation for when you have at least an hour to dedicate to your makeup.

Figure out your uniform. My weekday OOTDs are basically variations of three simple combos: 1.) high-waist skinny jeans + boxy tee/boyfriend shirt; 2.) doubled-up denim, or 3.) easy comfy one-pieces (dresses or rompers). Find a few outfits you love that are practical for your lifestyle, and stock your closet with pieces that fit into those ‘recipes’ in different colors, prints, and textures. Having a few go-to everyday uniforms majorly cuts down on the time you spend picking out outfits in the morning.

Keep your closet organized and tidy. Of course, none of that matters if you can’t find your clothes! I try to set aside a few hours every Sunday to tackle the laundry and put everything back in my closet so I’m ready for the week. When I’m feeling extra productive, I iron my button-downs and dresses before I hang them so I can just grab and go. For inspiration, check out these 20 ideas for organizing your bedroom closet.

Make breakfast simple. I keep my freezer stocked with frozen coffee cubes for quick and easy iced coffee, then I quickly spread some peanut or almond butter on multigrain rice cakes and grab a banana on my way out the door.

For more helpful habits, check out WWW’s 5 things you should do every Sunday to reset for the week ahead!

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About Keira Lennox

I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

51 thoughts on “Helpful Habits For Non-Morning People

  1. This so true! I know i spend a good 15 mins going through my FB page and instagram and snapchats. I hate the mornings, sometimes I even skip breakfast, which is bad, but I prefer my sleep over anything.

  2. Even though I’m a morning person, my husband is not, and it’s SO HARD for me to get out of bed when it’s dark and cold and he’s still sleeping. But I really make an effort to wake up early because I am so much happier (once I straggle out of bed and get to the coffee) if I get an hour in the morning of just ME time to drink my coffee, play on the internet, catch up on emails, whatever, before he’s up.

  3. Great tips! I am so not a morning person, and I never will be, but these might make mornings a bit more bearable. Night owls do it better anyway ;)

  4. It’s not the routine that has me stuck! It’s that dang snooze button! I do like the idea of waking up to a clean room with all my clothes where they’re supposed to be. I also love to make time to make my bed in the morning- it makes going to sleep that much more pleasant!

  5. Oh my goodness! Totally love the ice cube coffee trick! So you just brew the coffee and make ice cubes? Do you add milk and sugar lol I’m so intrigued!! Loved the other tips as well!

  6. I never used to be a morning person myself! It only recently started. My advice if you really want to become one: Use an event like getting back from a vacation to start (when your body clock is resetting itself anyway). Then wake up 3 hours before you have to go anywhere (unless that would mean getting up at 4 or anything too crazy). Give yourself one full hour to work out (force yourself to go to a morning fitness class!! do it!!), one full hour for a super relaxing long breakfast, and one full hour to get showered/dressed.

    Just trust me…seriously. It makes me feel like I’ve had a whole ton of day just to myself already, and going to work/school feels so much more relaxed after.

  7. I’ve never read a post introduction that made me want to shout “MEEE” so much. I’ll tell people I’m a morning person if it means waking up at 9 as opposed to 7 or earlier. 100% going to try the wardrobe and easy natural make up face ideas! Since those are the ones that have me running out the door when I’m running late!


  8. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you. I’ve been saying this to myself for many years and now at 51 have finally realised I am NOT a morning person and I never will be but it does help to be organised and that’s what I try to use my evenings for!

  9. Hi Keira! I just started a blog and am so excited to follow in the footsteps of greats like you! I read this post and had to follow you because you and I are the same when it comes to morning routines. Not to mention how cute your #OOTD posts are. You are definitely an inspiration to what I hope to accomplish with my blog. Any helpful tips would be totally awesome, thank you!!

    andrea osuna león

    1. This is such a good point! I always tell my husband that your morning mood sets the tone for your whole day. If you’re rushed and frazzled, you’ll be frazzled all day. So figuring out how to maximize your productivity and decrease your morning stress is a game-changer. And I’ll always prefer a the extra 30 minutes of sleep. ;)

    1. I did a HUGE declutter about 3 years ago and totally changed the way I shopped. I used to buy all the things I thought were cute and trendy, but I couldn’t put outfits together consistently, and even though I had a closet *overflowing* with stuff I felt like I never had anything to wear. I finally accepted that I’m most comfortable in simple basics, and I’ve been so much happier since.

      1. Wow! I feel like you just explained me..I did a huge declutter a few years ago as well but have since purchased “cute and trendy” clothes that I don’t feel comfortable in! Time to get back to the basics :)

  10. I love that this is not only practical, but doesn’t preach that I need to get over my distaste for mornings and just “deal.” Would my life be easier if I could wake up feeling like a human instead of a sleep-deprived zombie that NEEDS COFFEE. Yes. But I have my routine – and five-minute face and easy (but cute) closet down to science, and I don’t think that’ll change anytime soon. Love the coffee idea!

    1. YES! I see so many things on Pinterest about “how to become a morning person” and I’m over here like, ‘hey, if I can manage to catch a little extra lazy time and get my morning routine down to 30 minutes, I’m good with that.’ :)

  11. This is awesome, I love it. I am definitely one just like you. Set my alarm for 7 every morning, but don’t roll out of bed until 8:30. Even though I stay at home, I have things to do and need to get up. If nothing else, it makes me feel more productive the rest of the day. Love the frozen coffee cubes trick!

  12. I shower at night and can put my makeup on in 3 minutes in the parking lot. I lay out my clothes the night before. Packing my lunch is my biggest annoyance. I try to do this at night to but it’s my least favorite thing to do.

    1. I have this problem, too. I’ve yet to master the lunch packing. Sometimes I get on a roll and do a bunch of Sunday prep in tupperware for easy grab-and-gos, but those streaks never last long.

  13. I have super thick hair, so washing it at night saves me a ton of time in the morning. I don’t understand how people have the mental capacity to do a blowout in the morning; I can’t do anything that requires coordination before coffee! 😜

  14. I feel the same way! I always go to think tomorrow I will walk up early, sit down and enjoy my breakfast, do some yoga, do some writing, ect. It never happens . . . Then of course when its bedtime I have all of the motivation in the world for getting things done. Sigh.

  15. Hey! :)

    Haha I feel exactly the same and I always follow these morning habits that you advised. I once read that of course there are people who get up early and those who stay up late. And that you shouldn’t struggle with the kind of sleeping person you are and just live according to what your body wants. So now I don’t feel guilty anymore. And I really started using those last hours at night before going to sleep because I found out I can be more productive then. :)

    Greetings from Germany! ;)

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