Seeking: The Perfect Leather Bag For The Season

Hobo Blaze Convertible Leather Bag in Mushroom
{ Hobo ‘Blaze’ – $188 }

Handbags are a big part of my grownup ‘fewer better things’ philosophy. Instead of stuffing my closet with trendy inexpensive purses, I treat myself to two nice leather bags each year: one at the start of spring, and another when fall comes around.

This season, I’m searching for an everyday carryall in a rich neutral color or sleek black. This Hobo ‘Blaze’ converts from a shoulder bag to a backpack, so it’s the best of both worlds, with a tassel! I just wish it was a smidge bigger so it would fit my laptop, planner, and all the other stuff I schlep to-and-from the flower shop.

These oversized totes and carryalls top my favorites list. And I couldn’t resist throwing in a ladylike backpack.

Rebecca Minkoff Unlined Tote Hunter
{ Rebecca Minkoff – $275 }
Madewell Snap Gusset Fenwick Tote
{ Madewell ‘Fenwick’ – $248 }
Jcrew peyton pebbled satchel
{ J.Crew ‘Peyton’ – $198 }
Cuyana Small Carryall Tote Sable
{ Cuyana Small Carryall – $185 }
Everlane The Petra Backpack Black
{ Everlane ‘The Petra’ – $330 }
Dooney and Bourke Suede Sloan
{Dooney & Bourke ‘Sloan’ – $298 }

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  1. 7.16.18

    I found this much useful information. You share the great article with me. I am happy with your blog. Thanks!

  2. 10.23.15

    I adore the Rebecca Minkoff bag! I have a similar one but in brown color and it’s perfect for fall! I also like Ralph Lauren bags, they are absolutely amazing! Nice post!

  3. 10.8.15

    The Dooney and Burke bag is EVERYTHING!!

  4. 10.7.15
    rksabika said:

    Dooney & Bourke Sloan! Mostly because this is my daughters name and I LOVE the color

  5. 10.3.15

    Hey Keira, great blog! I completely agree and Whistles IS great for bags. I’ve just started my own fashion blog and still quite new to it, so please have a look if you get a second!! Xx

  6. 10.3.15

    I Love Love Love Love ! the ‘ Rebecca Minkoff – $275 ‘ The kaki green is just perfect for fall <3 x

  7. 10.2.15
    Carolina E. said:

    I like the Dooney & Bourke !

  8. 10.2.15

    Love your blog and I’m dying over the Rebecca Minkoff!!

  9. 10.1.15

    Ooh the black ‘petra’ and Dooney andBurke fringe one are my faves! One of my fall must haves are lace up flats! I would LOVE for you to check those out on my new blog :)


  10. 10.1.15

    I have a bag fetish and I am loving all of them! Thanks a lot for sharing and inspiring! :)

  11. 9.30.15

    I love this! The Rebecca Minkoff is a win from my P.O.V. :)

    xo, Jessica

  12. 9.30.15

    I, too, am beginning to embrace a quality over quantity philosophy regarding purses and have found that what the purse will hold on the inside is more important than how it looks on the outside. I like the Rebecca Minkoff best.

  13. 9.30.15

    Nice, classy looking bags. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to appreciate the benefits of having just a few expensive bags instead of a ton of cheap trendy ones.

  14. 9.30.15
    Musings said:

    Love the brown Madwell! *heart eyes*

  15. 9.30.15

    Love the Cuyana one!

  16. 9.30.15

    Great post ☺

  17. 9.30.15

    and they’re all soooo pretty!

  18. 9.30.15
    Colleen said:

    I’m all for the Madewell one, but they’re all gorgeous! I also love splurging on good handbags.

  19. 9.30.15

    I am in love with that Rebecca Minkoff! The dark green is unique and gorgeous! Great post!

    • 9.30.15

      I love the color of that one, too! I don’t have anything green in my closet, but it’s such a great neutral for fall.

  20. 9.30.15

    I would go for the Cuyana Small Carryall if I was in your place!

  21. 9.30.15

    Whistles do GORGEOUS leather bags. x

  22. 9.30.15
    Eleni said:

    The Petra is stunning!

  23. 9.30.15
    swaisath said:

    Loveee the shape of the carryall

  24. 9.30.15

    Love that Dooney and Bourke!!

  25. 9.30.15

    I have a handbag obsession. I am in love with ‘The Petra’ I think it may be time to purchase a new bag :).