#OOTD: Girlfriend Jeans

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{ Free People ‘Free Fallin’ tee; AE jeans; NIXON watch; Vince Camuto ‘Colby’ bag; Nine West sandals; gloMinerals ‘suede matte’ lip crayon in ‘Crush’ }

You know I’m all about my high-waist skinnies, but I also really love a relaxed-fit, straight leg “girlfriend” jean. They have all the casual ease and comfort of a boyfriend jean, but with a slimmer silhouette and slightly higher rise. If you’re petite and curvy like me, you’ll have much more luck with these than low-slung baggy boyfriends that make us look shorter and add unwanted bulk through the hips.

These are American Eagle’s straight leg jeans — a steal for $45!

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  2. 11.6.15

    Simple style but incredibly cute, it looks great on you!

  3. 11.2.15

    looks reaaly good…

  4. 10.23.15

    Your hair looks amazing!

  5. 10.22.15

    Love your hair! Kiss from France

  6. 10.20.15
    C said:

    Love the outfit!! Love your blog!! super cute :)


  7. 10.19.15
    swaisath said:

    SOOOOO CUTE! I’ll definitely need to grab a pair for myself. Love your hair too :)


  8. 10.18.15
    Carolina E. said:

    I have got to check out those jeans !! Love it all.

  9. 10.18.15

    Lovely blog !! Follow me if you want to know more about fashion news https://throughthecatwalkblog.wordpress.com/

  10. 10.18.15

    I am going to need those sandals! I love them :)

  11. 10.18.15

    This looks so nice! Comfy and stylish at the same time!

  12. 10.18.15
    Mirjana said:

    I love this outfit, looks so casual but chic at the same time :)
    I personally prefer the girlfriend jeans to the boyfriend ones too, they’re just to baggy for me.

  13. 10.18.15
    Mary said:

    Hi excuses the trouble, I am maria and I have an Italian blog where however sets articles in English would like me that you passed us to have one opinion of yours! https://mybeautymomentsblog.wordpress.com/

  14. 10.18.15

    I really love your look !!! ♥♥

  15. 10.18.15
    Emma said:

    Yes!! I always love a good pair of girlfriend jeans!! So comfortable, but with a polished silhouette!!

  16. 10.17.15

    Love this! I love AE jeans always a great buy!

  17. 10.17.15

    It made me so happy to stumble across your precious blog!! Can’t wait to keep reading!

  18. 10.17.15

    this looks great. <3

  19. 10.16.15

    I am loving your hair here! You are always looking stylish but comfy! <3

    • 10.16.15

      Thank you! ‘Stylish but comfy’ is always my ultimate goal. :)

  20. 10.16.15

    Love the outfit.

  21. 10.16.15

    You look great in the pictures..Do checkout my latest post https://shopaholibond.wordpress.com/ and hopefully you’d like it :)

  22. 10.16.15

    You look great in this outfit and I really love your bob cut !

    • 10.16.15

      Thank you! It’s a great length, because it’s short enough to feel like a bob, but long enough to get back in a tiny pony. :)

  23. 10.16.15

    great blog and great look <3

    keep rockin'

    all the best. Maria

  24. 10.16.15

    I absolutely love high waist jeans! They’re so practical. You can sit like you dno’t care about a thing in the world. :)

    • 10.16.15

      YES! There’s nothing worse than worrying about what’s happening back there, ha!

  25. 10.15.15

    AE was always THE place to get jeans in high school and I really haven’t stepped foot in there since I got out of college… but I think it might be time to make a stop in there again! (Also your hair looks ADORABLE!!)

    • 10.16.15

      It’s definitely worth a visit! Here’s the thing, I feel super old when I go in the store, but it only takes one trip to try on and find the styles you like, then you can order them online! (Totally my move.)

  26. 10.15.15

    Very cute. Love you hair

  27. 10.15.15

    I am also petite and curvy, and AE jeans are the best fitting jeans I can find! Looks like they’re even on sale right now so… I’m off to shop :)

    • 10.16.15

      Right?! I’ve tried so many brands and designer labels, but AE just works so well for me — and you can’t beat the price!

  28. 10.15.15

    So cute! I love that they have the relaxed feel/fit of boyfriend jeans, but show more of a silhouette!

    • 10.16.15

      Exactly! They’re easy and comfy, but give a slimmer silhouette. Which, I mean, who doesn’t want that? ;)

  29. 10.15.15

    Minimal chic with those great nude sandals!

    • 10.16.15

      Thanks, Dottie! These are from Nine West, and I always love their shoes. They’re cute, reasonably priced, and most important, comfortable!

  30. 10.15.15
    Lauren QS said:

    Such a cute outfit! love it

  31. 10.15.15
    Eleni said:

    Ah just noticed it under the photo! Lush :)

  32. 10.15.15
    Eleni said:

    I love the bag!! What is it? x

  33. 10.15.15
    Musings said:

    Loving how simple but classic and stylish this outfit is!

  34. 10.15.15

    love this casual look! you look sso prettty!

    check out my outfit & share your thoughts? :) thx

  35. 10.15.15

    Oh I would also love for you to have a read of my blog !

  36. 10.15.15

    Hey I must try these as I am quite short .. so there may be more flattering.. You are also adorable ! Xx

  37. 10.15.15

    These look great on you!! I may have to try them out. :)

  38. 10.15.15

    I Iike the idea of girlfriend jeans, boyfriend jeans make me look even shorter and bigger thighed than I already am (and nobody needs that!)

  39. 10.15.15
    Dāsha said:

    It’s simple yet chic! Love your hair cut and color!


  40. 10.15.15

    I love everything about this look! Looks awesome for a casual day of errands or lunch with the girls! Oh, and let me know forget that bucket bag is perfect!!

  41. 10.15.15
    ctmish78 said:

    Super cute!!

  42. 10.15.15

    Oh my gosh, I’ve never tried this style before! I always have a tricky time with jeans. We have similar body shapes — I have got to try these! Thanks for sharing!

    • 10.16.15

      I have a really hard time finding jeans that fit me well, so I usually buy multiples of the same style in different colors. ;)

  43. 10.15.15

    Love those jeans!! Whole outfit is so cute!!