#OOTD: Cold Snap


It’s the first work day of the new year, so I schlepped two bags to the shop this morning with all my weapons of productivity: laptop; day planner; notebooks; cute file folders; a makeup pouch filled with colorful pens. (Seriously, who needs this much stuff?)

Today was also the first cold day we’ve had this season, so all the Florida girls be like, “BOOTS! SWEATERS! SCARVES!”

30 thoughts on “#OOTD: Cold Snap

    1. Haha, YES!! The day I don’t have it with me, I’ll NEED it! This sweater is from my girlfriend’s boutique last year; I can’t remember the brand. Maybe BB Dakota?


  1. We have sweater and boot weather one day and then warm the next. We have to have both kinds of clothes ready. You leave in the morning with boots and sweater and it ends up being a sweltering day – you have to dress in layers. Love your outfit.

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