Taking Stock | 0116

Making : schedules and to-do lists for Valentine’s week. And some cute crafts to decorate the shop for the holiday.
Drinking : a lot of wine. We added a beer and wine package sales license to the business this year. So it’s research! And quality control! It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. {wink}
Watching : Project Runway Jr. on cable (I have legit cried watching those babies get eliminated). Bob’s Burgers and Mad Men on Netflix.
Reading : Dear Mr. You by Mary Louise Parker. I don’t have time to sit down and get into a novel right now, so I love that her memoir is organized into letters that are quick reads but so beautifully written.
Playing : a lot of intensely competitive Yahtzee with C.
Enjoying: shopping for unique retail lines to sell in the new shop. (Have or know a cool small business that does gift/home/stationery/spa wholesale? Leave me a comment, please!)
Listening : to the Chillwave Radio station on Pandora.
Wanting : a pair of Madewell High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans, but hesitating to make the splurge. Any good reviews out there from petite ladies?
Loving : Olivine Atelier’s beautiful perfume oils in Gigi and More Than the Stars. The fragrances are complex and beautiful and last all day.
Waiting : for the end of football season. Sorry, not sorry.
Bookmarking : Terra’s new blog, Love Nothing More. She’s one of my OG style blogging friends from the “good old days,” and I’m so happy she’s back.
Smelling : the “Amber Dunes” Illume candle I swiped from our new retail stock for the house. I’m also in love with the “Chanterelle Moss“.
Wearing : my new clear Warby Parker “Chelsea” frames all the time, and loving them.
Searching : for a feminine leather backpack to schlep all my stuff to work. I’m stuck on the Everlane Petra, but this leopard number from ASOS is on sale for less than $100, and you know I love me some leopard.
Feeling : grateful to be settled in our beautiful new space at the shop, and a little anxious about the next couple of weeks because Valentine’s Day ain’t no joke for florists. (Hug the next one you see; maybe bring her some booze.)

29 thoughts on “Taking Stock | 0116

  1. My mom (who lives a few minutes from downtown WH) stopped in your new shop and says it’s beautiful! I think she also wants to steal Doak ;) I’ll be home for a friend’s wedding in a few weeks and I can’t wait see it myself. Wine, stationary, and flowers – sounds like the perfect place to me!

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  2. Sending big hugs and cheers🍷on new location. Looks so fun and beautiful. I bet it’s a fun place to work. Ck out Lisa Lenord. I love her site.

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      1. I have bought pieces for myself and gifts from Lisa Leonard. All pieces are quality and have a story. If anything, read Lisa’s story it will touch your heart like know other. When I wear one of her pieces or mix them, I hear what a beautiful piece you are wearing. I may never meet Lisa but after reading her blog I feel I know her. So, if Im ever in her area or yours I plan on stopping by. Unitl then keep being you and keep the passion. Hugs


    1. These are my first pair, and I’m so impressed with the quality. They come with anti-scratch and anti-glare lenses with 100% UV protection, which I always have to pay extra for when I order glasses from the eye doctor. I’m definitely going to get another pair soon, just trying to decide which style!


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