#OOTD: Favorite Flares

OOTD: Pleather jacket with LOFT flare jeans. keiralennox.com
Wearing: LOFT dark rinse flare jeans; Apt 9 pleather jacket (Kohl’s, 2 years ago); BAGGU duck bag canvas tote; Italian leather sandals via TJMaxx.

I live the majority of my days in skinny jeans and jeggings (these are my favorite right now) but I feel the best in a great pair of flare jeans. They’re so flattering, and instantly make my 5’4″ frame look longer and leaner.

These LOFT dark rinse flare jeans have a mid-rise with the perfect amount of flare for a modern fit. I went with the petite, and the length is just right for a 3-4″ wedge or heel.

This faux leather jacket was a Kohl’s find two years ago, and a pretty good dupe for a designer jacket Emily wore on Cupcakes and Cashmere around the same time. The lapels, quilted shoulders and zipper sleeve details are a close match, and while mine’s not genuine leather, it was only about 5% of the cost of Emily’s. {thumbs up!}

Happy weekend!


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  1. 2.29.16

    love it! So casual but put together.

  2. 2.28.16

    I love the leather jacket you are wearing, so cute <3

  3. 2.28.16

    Your jeans are really nice !! <3 Flared is in now :) It looks great on you :) Btw , happy to meet u :)
    Harshu <3

  4. 2.28.16

    The flares suit you so well lovely !! I need to get myself a pair as I am the same and spend the majority of my days in jeggings!!


  5. 2.28.16

    After reading this I should really invest in some flares xx

  6. 2.28.16
    kaybe610 said:

    I love the combination with the brown heels! so seventies :-) Love, Kathleen

  7. 2.27.16
    Carolina said:

    Your shoes and bag are really nice !!!

  8. 2.27.16
    by.yasmin said:

    flare is the best

  9. 2.26.16
    lotusgurl said:

    Adorable outfit. Where’s the bag from?

    • 2.26.16
      lotusgurl said:

      nm just noticed it below yr pic!

  10. 2.26.16

    Fabulous looks !

  11. 2.26.16

    totally agree! i recently bought my first pair of flared jeans in about…oh… 9 YEARS and now i just don’t feel the same in my skinny jeans. so happy the flare is making a comeback

  12. 2.26.16

    Love the jeans, they are so in right now :D
    Xx Blue Ducklings

  13. 2.26.16
    FixStar said:

    I like this outfit👍🏼

  14. 2.26.16
    TokenTee said:

    Such a classic look!

  15. 2.26.16

    These really are modern slender flares! Your outfit looks so classic and why wear leather when you can get a dupe that looks the same :o)

  16. 2.26.16

    Those jeans look great, I’m in the market for just the right flare jeans!

  17. 2.26.16
    Musings said:

    I love that leather jacket! I’ve been looking for one that looks great and is a good price – its definitely been a struggle.