#OOTD: Striped Sheath Dress

Casual OOTD: Striped BB Dakota dress with Cuyana Small Carryall Tote. keiralennox.com

I have a love/hate relationship with this BB Dakota striped sheath dress.

Last year, someone photographed me wearing it at an event and posted it to Facebook, and it was, well, unflattering. I screenshot the pic and texted it to my girlfriend with something along the lines of, “I’M GOING TO BURN THIS DRESS!”

(I didn’t.)

On another occasion when I wore it to the flower shop with flats, one of my regulars, who’s in his 80s and always gives it to me straight, told me I may be better off “not wearing that again.”

(Did I listen? Nope.)

Despite the fact that this dress’s boxy shape and horizontal stripes break all The Rules For Hourglass Petite Ladies and may make me look like I housed five personal pizzas, I can’t let it go! It’s so easy and comfy, and sometimes that just trumps everything.

(Style blogging at it’s realest.)

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  1. 4.11.16

    I think it looks great on you! PS: I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award, feel free to answer the questions ;) X Babs

  2. 4.2.16

    It looks great on you

  3. 3.23.16
    knappc16 said:

    I totally understand the horizontal stripe box dress problem, haha. I myself have that same relationship with one of mine! but you make it look really good, and those shoes are perfect! I wish I could find good sandals but it’s pretty hard when you wear a size 5 and have feet that look literally like little boxes. haha. :)


  4. 3.21.16

    I’d say 50% of my closet is made up of “no-no”s …so long as you’re comfortable and you feel good rocking it, it’s all good ;)

  5. 3.17.16
    Carolina said:

    I think that it looks good on you ,in fact everything that you post looks
    nice.Good taste you truly have!!!

  6. 3.17.16

    Looks pretty cute to me, but I totally get what you’re saying.

  7. 3.17.16
    Rachel said:

    One: you are not alone in keeping clothing pieces like that and two: I think you look cute :)

  8. 3.16.16

    I love this outfit! So simple but very cute

  9. 3.16.16

    love this dress <3

  10. 3.16.16
    Liz said:

    That’s so pretty on you! The length is great and your figure is wonderful!

  11. 3.16.16

    First off, you look absolutely marvelous in it. The picture was probably a bad angle and the customer was probably not as trendy as he was in his hay day.. heheh

    But when I saw the picture I was just going to ask how you pulled it off so well. I have a dress shaped like that and I look like horrible box troll in it. Comforting to know I’m not the only one who has trouble with this shape.

  12. 3.16.16

    This my kinda dress…just lovit!!

  13. 3.16.16

    you like it and that all that matters.


  14. 3.16.16

    Glad you didn’t throw it out! It looks stunning and is a classic staple piece :-)

  15. 3.15.16

    I completely disagree because you look stunning!


  16. 3.15.16

    I like this on you. I would add a long necklace to break up the Stripes and add a vertical line, a vest would also do that.

  17. 3.15.16
    Suezanne said:

    Well, I think cameras have bad angles and can make any of us look yuck!! The 80 year old has bad eye sight🙊 Dress looks great. Plus it’s not what you wear its how you wear. Wear it with confidence and you will rock it.

  18. 3.15.16

    I think it looks great on you!! Keep wearing it!

  19. 3.15.16
    lexrayn said:

    You look great in the dress! Don’t let your mind tell ya otherwiseeee!

  20. 3.15.16
    Melissa said:

    The dress looks great, comfy. I see nothing wrong with it.

  21. 3.15.16
    Kayla said:

    I mean….who cares? Wear what makes you happy and sometime easy comfortable clothes = happy.

  22. 3.15.16

    I have a similar dress to this! Love it! :)


  23. 3.15.16

    Well in this picture it looks great!