#OOTD: Fancy Joggers

Getting back in the swing of blogging is helping me out of my t-shirt and jeans rut! It feels good to get reacquainted with my closet and put some neglected pieces in rotation, like these J.Crew jogger-style pants I bought on clearance years ago that never see the light of day.

I have a bad habit of “saving” my clothes for hypothetical occasions,  instead of wearing and enjoying them.  For instance: I see a cute dress; I buy the cute dress; I tell myself the cute dress will be perfect for XYZ event; I don’t wear the cute dress to work because I may “ruin” it; the cute dress hangs in my closet, untouched, for two years.


(Not at once.)


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  1. 7.14.16

    I love your style, supercute!

  2. 4.11.16
    Amy S said:

    I love your nude heels. Can you share where they are from?

  3. 4.10.16

    I absolutely love this look on you! I couldn’t help but laugh at your “saving clothes” logic… I am the EXACT same way. I recently cleaned my closet out & got rid of the items I had saved for too long that they actually went out of style!! Lolol

  4. 4.7.16


    I love the fancy joggers *Heart Eye Emoji*
    I do that as well, make a purchase with an event in mind & never wear the piece or never actually attend appropriate event. Silly us, lol.

  5. 4.7.16
    anthi said:

    Even though we’re million miles away, we’re so close to habbits on clothes!!!
    It’s so nice you are back!

  6. 4.7.16
    KatWalkSF said:

    I like this rule and agree! :)

  7. 4.7.16

    I can 100% relate to the ‘save new dress fo XYZ event’, I really need to follow your new rule as well – WEAR EVERYTHING lol

  8. 4.6.16

    True story, I actually have a semi system set up where I don’t allow myself to wear something again until I have mostly rotated through everything else in the closet. I feel like it’s more me being anal than anything, but I tell myself it’s good because that way everything is getting equal love!

  9. 4.6.16

    perfection!! the nude heels go perfectly with the joggers :D
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

  10. 4.6.16
    Carolina said:

    Love the outfit ,cool you are !!!

  11. 4.6.16

    I love that color blue!

  12. 4.6.16

    I do exactly the same – always ‘saving’ stuff but not sure what for! Really like your shoes too!

  13. 4.6.16

    Love the pants – such a great colour! :)

  14. 4.6.16
    bflyrenee said:

    Super cute

  15. 4.6.16

    I can definitely relate to this…very cute outfit!

  16. 4.6.16

    I do exactly the same! So glad I’m not the only one!

  17. 4.6.16

    👌🏻 top :)

  18. 4.6.16

    Man, I am the same way with new things of all kinds–notebooks, bags, clothes. What am I saving it for?! Ha. Those look great on you. Wear on, lady. Wear on.