Checking In

I’m like, “hey, whatsup, hello!”

That break was longer than I planned. I just haven’t felt very inspired to blog lately; mostly because I’m tired. ;)

In the last seven months, I: moved our business, arranged — then rearranged — the new space; sourced new retail lines for an in-store gift boutique; survived three major floral holidays; designed and delivered a couple dozen weddings and corporate events; brought in new team members; hosted a handful of after-hours events in the shop; processed over 2000 “everyday” orders and deliveries; and managed all the day-to-day stuff of small business ownership (taxes, inventory, customer service, taxes, business plans, marketing, more taxes).

It’s an amazing time of transition and growth for our small business. When I melt into the couch at the end of each day with a big glass of wine, my heart is so full of gratitude it could burst. But pouring all my creative energy into my day job doesn’t leave much in the tank for nurturing hobbies.

Unless Netflix binging is a hobby, in which case, I’m killing it.

I just finished watching all nine seasons of The Office (the American version) and cried my way through the final episodes last week. At the end of the series finale, Phyllis says, “I’m happy that this was all filmed so I can remember everyone and what we did. I worked for a paper company all these years and I never wrote anything down.”

It reminded me why I love blogging.

On the surface, this space is a journal of my daily outfits with some posts about my favorite beauty products and the occasional crafty pursuit; but it’s layered with stories and anecdotes of my life over the last six years: from the days when I worked at the flower shop part time to help my mom-in-law while I “figured out my journey,” to our official purchase of the business and first relocation four years ago, to this crazy present moment.

Like the Dunder Mifflin archives, there’s a lot of monotony in the reel of this blog; but precious details and meaningful memories are fossilized in all these ordinary, everyday posts.

So even if I disappear for months at a time, I’m not leaving this little corner of the Internet any time soon. There’s still so much to document.

Thanks for sticking around.


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  1. 3.17.17

    How’s your business doing? I’ve recently became a big fan of the show workaholics. Its hilarious!

  2. 6.22.16
    Lidia said:

    Welcome back! I love your approach to blogging, it’s not forced, it’s real and we can all relate to how busy life can get. Also, so happy you watched The Office, one of my all time favorite shows! I recently re-watched almost all episodes and enjoyed it so much!

  3. 6.15.16

    welcome back and don’t worrybecause we’re still here! love your outfit !
    p.s. i think it’s so nice to be surrounded every day by flowers…

  4. 6.14.16

    Welcome back! I love the peeks of your day-to-day via IG and Snapchat but am glad to hear you’ll be continuing your blog presence. I too look at my blog like a journal and online scarpbook. Mine is nothing earth shattering or one I plan to grow and pursue full-time. It’s for me, and for logging the various steps and chapters of my life to reflect back on.

  5. 6.14.16

    Nice post! Sometimes you just need a break!

  6. 6.11.16

    Love the outfit ! Looking forward to your new posts x

  7. 6.10.16

    What a great and honest post. I look forward to reading more x

  8. 6.10.16

    Glad your back! Again, love your purse choice or backpack in this case.

    • 6.10.16

      Thank you! It was a good Hautelook find. I had my eye on the Michael Kors backpack for almost a year, but this was a good leather dupe at about half the price. :)

  9. 6.10.16

    Welcome back, I´m looking foreward to your new posts. But take your time!
    xoxo Reni

  10. 6.10.16

    I do like blogs like yours that document how someone is getting along now and then. Love your outfit!

  11. 6.9.16

    I love your perspective on blogging and I can totally relate to crying my way through the last episodes of The Office. That was a great show!

  12. 6.9.16

    I took a little “staycation” myself! Sometimes it just does the mind good, I own an event planning business and sometimes just stepping back from everything and focusing on nothing is exactly what you need to recharge! hope you enjoyed your time!

    • 6.10.16

      Yes!! Sometimes we just need a whole lotta nothing to recharge those batteries. :) Thank you, Sena!

  13. 6.9.16
    Mistie M said:

    Beautifully said!

  14. 6.9.16
    Vanessa.C said:

    Bloggers absolutely need a break, sometimes a few weeks, sometimes a few months :)

  15. 6.9.16
    Anonymous said:

    What a sweet post! Love your writing style! Delightful!

  16. 6.9.16

    I completely agree with you about blogging! It’s definitely going to be something to look back on to remember the big and little things.

  17. 6.9.16