Warm Weather Layers

I recently realized my closet is lacking in warm weather “completer” pieces: light layers I can throw over a tank and skinnies (or simple dress) for easy polished outfits; like jackets, kimonos, draped cardigans, and vests.

It all started with this utility jacket I found at TJMaxx…

Jacket: Max Jeans via TJMaxx (SIMILAR)
Jeans: Earl Jeans Skinny Ankle White Wash Jeans
Leather Backpack: Roberta M via Hautelook
Sandals: TKEES

It’s made from Tencel, a sustainable fabric made from wood pulp. It’s produced on a “closed-loop system,” in which “99% of the non-toxic chemicals and solvents used are recovered and recycled with minimal waste and very low emissions (source). Any time I see a good piece in Tencel, I scoop it up. The fabric feels luxurious, with a soft silky finish and a flattering drape, and holds its shape and sheen after many runs through the laundry. While I love it year-round, Tencel is especially great in the summertime: it’s composed of tiny fibers that absorb moisture, making it breathable and comfortable in the heat and humidity.

I didn’t mean to get on a Tencel tangent, it’s just really good stuff.


This versatile jacket became an instant favorite in my closet, and I decided I needed others like it. So I added a sleeveless version, also from TJMaxx, and a chambray drape vest that I found when I stumbled into a Chico’s for the first time last week. (When you’re on a shopping mission, leave no stone unturned!)

Now I have my feelers out for a linen blazer. J.Crew has one in a bold coral that I’m sale-stalking; I think it would be perfect with a pair of white or dark skinnies and a silk camisole.

The search for summer completer pieces continues…


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  1. 6.27.16
    Rena said:

    I’m getting caught up on my e-mail reading. The title of your post caught my eye because I’ve just recently posted about a warm weather completer piece and I do believe that my chambray vest is the same one you found at Chico’s. I really like your utility jacket.


  2. 6.25.16

    This is something I struggle with for summer as well. Tencel is an amazing fabric!

  3. 6.24.16

    really nice!

  4. 6.23.16
    vintage51 said:

    Love your blog. Your layout and photos are amazing. I love the outfit you featured. I have lots of completer pieces that I wear to death too. Cheers, Michele

  5. 6.22.16

    Great outfit! I love white jeans!

    That coat is really cute too; I’ve been looking for something similar.

  6. 6.22.16

    Love the term “completer pieces.” I may have to steal that one from you. I tend to get stuck on one completer piece for a long time, until I quite literally wear it out. I should probably be on the lookout to add some more to my wardrobe as well!


    • 6.29.16

      Happy hunting!! I love finding pieces that I can just throw over a basic outfit to make things a little more interesting. :)