Summer 30 for 30 Kick-Off

Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2016 | TJMaxx drape vest and AE hi-rise jeggings |

Remix #1 of 30 :: drape vest + gray tank + skinnies + suede ballet flats

I stood in front of my new mini wardrobe this morning — I hung it on a rack in our home office so I don’t have to even look in my closet in the coming weeks — and had a 10-second “where to start?!” freakout.

Jumping in is always the hardest part, right?

I decided to kick things off with this easy draped vest from TJMaxx, which is made of Tencel, so it’s a cool and comfy layer for the summer heat. I popped it over my gray cotton tank and dark skinnies. I love these suede ballet flats from Kohl’s; I caught them on sale for $25 each last month and bought three colors. (You know I love a good stockpile of favorite basics.)

I also want to thank you all for your feedback on my last post. It seems I’m not alone in my disenchantment with most style blogs these days. For the last several months, I struggled with the decision of what to do with this space, and considered ghosting out, but your comments and encouragement reminded me that there are still lots of us who want real-life style on a real-life budget.

I’m excited to share this challenge with you, and get back to the kind of fun and geniune blogging I love. Thank you for following along!

13 thoughts on “Summer 30 for 30 Kick-Off

  1. So glad to see you back at it! And with an old classic like 30 for 30. I need some style inspiration in my life, maybe I will jump on the bandwagon!


  2. As a college kid I really get where you are coming when you say not a lot of bloggers these day are realistic to an average budget. I’m glad you’re keeping it fresh and real. I love the vest with the tied not. I would not have thought to put both elements together. I really like this idea!

    Xo Logan


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