Traveling Coast Stripe Shirt

Remix #6 of 30 :: striped shirt + cropped black chinos + stacked heel sandals

These LOFT cropped Riviera chinos are another example of, “these were perfect in the fitting room, what happened?” I bought them on sale with my cropped denim flares, and wore them for the first time with this outfit. When I looked through the outfit shots we took at the end of the work day, I realized they really stretched out throughout the day. Then I remembered why I never buy chinos; unless they have a healthy dose of spandex to help them hold their shape (these only had 2%).

I’m hoping these will shrink in the wash… if they don’t, this may be the only time you see them remixed in my capsule wardrobe. (You almost didn’t see this outfit, but C reminded me that the whole point of this 30 for 30 challenge is to keep it real and post ’em all, whether I think they’re ‘perfect’ or not.)

Now this striped shirt, on the other hand, never lets me down. It’s the Billabong ‘Traveling Coast’ shirt, and I bought it in two colors from m.marie last season. It’s a light gauze-like fabric that’s cool and comfy in the summer; you can expect to see lots of it through this remix challenge.

Returning Perfect Black Tailored Ankle Pants to my shopping list when this challenge ends.

6 thoughts on “Traveling Coast Stripe Shirt

  1. The Editor used to be my go to pant. Haven’t purchased them in years though. I thought I had found another perfect pair with Banana Republic Ryan Fit, but the waist was weird. So many factors! Why can’t it be simple?
    Anywho, thanks for keeping it real!


  2. I feel like I am too old to be, but I am in love with the Old Navy Pixie mid rise ankle pant. They fit right and wear well. I always travel with them.

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    1. I’ve heard such great things about the Pixie pants! I tried them on once, but they didn’t fit me very well through the hips. I usually like the LOFT ‘Julie’ fit because it’s a little curvier through the hips (these are Julies) but maybe I should give them another try.


      1. I am very hippy and I sized up in petite – I’m 5’3 and 130″ish”. I have not tried the Pixie chino, but I have two pairs of the smooth twill. I hang them to dry and they keep their shape.


    1. I used to love Express Editors for work; they were always so flattering and had a good amount of stretch to keep their shape. I was thinking I may try them again in a cropped version when my shopping ban is lifted. :)


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